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Hello, I'm seeing a obgyn DR for ovarian cysts, fibroids and possible Endo. I have had a miserable time for over a year! I have been searching for a dr to do a Lap and help me. I have been to many drs this past year. My new DR wants to do a lap very soon. And I had thought I found someone to finally help me. I had been getting Tylenol #3 from my GP DR for a few months, once a month a 4 day supply. (Which really isn't enough.) And then this month he decided I needed to get it from my OBGYN. Made sense to me. So I was expecting my period and called my OBGYN and he told me I shouldn't have to take anything except. Ibuprofen and Tylenol. That if I have Endo my pain wouldn't be at different times of the month, and my pain should only be a stabbing pain. I can have extreme pain which is unbearable, not just stabbing pain. I also get back and leg pain. The only thing that helps at all is vicodin or Tylenol #3 and then that doesn't always help. I also get pain when I don't have my period. Why did my OBGYN say these things to me? I just get the feeling he said this stuff to me to avoid giving me pain killers. I still want to have the Lap done. But I am afraid if I have Endo which there is no cure for. Then what? I have to suffer the rest of my life in pain? :confused: I also believe the cysts and fibriods cause me pain too. :( Does anyone have any suggestions?