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My son caught a cold a little over a week ago. He was acting fine and thought he was getting over it. It did go down to his lungs and he has had a terrible cough with a phlem sound to it. But still he acted happy and fine until yesterday. Yesterday he was very cranky and he felt very hot. I tried giving him children's tylenol and puitting him down for naps when he was cranky but it didn't help. He wouldn't crawl around or cruise like he normally does. Finally a borrowed a thermometer from a neighbor and his temp was 102. I freaked out and made an appointment at one of those IHC clinics. I gave hime more tylenol an hour before we went. When we got there they took his temp and it was 103!!! His breathing was good but he had a terrible infection in his right ear and his left ear had too much wax in it for her to see but she suspected that ear was infected as well. She prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days. Last night he slept well (except when he woke up coughing) but this morning I discovered something weird. His crib sheet is stained with a brown substance either vomit or maybe phlem that he coughed up?? At first I thought maybe his ear bled or something??? But it isn't red it is brown. I can't believe he got sick so quickly out of no where and I just want him to get back to his cute happy self! Thanks for listening I am just worried.
Thanks for the response. He is a year old so I bet yogurt is fine. Last night wasn't good for us. He kep coughing a lot and choking on plem. I think it upset him so he was crying. I got up to check on him and saw he threw up a little phlem. It was on his sheets and blanket plus he was really hot again. I changed his diaper and his clothes and put him in some thin pajamas to bring his fever down. I also gave him some milk and children's tylenol. Then I changed all his bedding. All this at 3:30 am. Is it a good idea to use thin PJ's instead of those thick winter ones when they have fevers? I woke him up this morning to change him, feed him, then give him his amoxicillin. He was cranky so I just put him back to bed right now. He felt warm so I took his temp and it was 100. Am I doing everything right? I hope so I have never really had him sick like this.
DS had a sinus infection a few months ago that turned into an ear infection. I took him back into the doctor 'cuz he started coughing -- turns out his sinus were draining -- all that gunk was coming out, running down his throat and making him cough. After several days of being on antibiotics, things finally cleared up. He also had a fever for a few days and I just kept giving him tylenol to keep him comfortable. Are you giving him the correct amount of tylenol. I found out once when his fever wouldn't go down that I'd only been giving him HALF of the amount I could've been giving him, so the fever wouldn't go down enough and he was uncomfortable.
actually when he first got the fever (day before yesterday) I dicovered I was only giving him 1/2 the amount I could have. My neighbor has a chart for infant tylenol so she told me what dose he needs. It really helps unless it is night time and he sleeps past his needed doses. I think thats why he had the fever at 3:30 am because he got some tylenol at 8:00 (bedtime) and then he didn't wake up until 3:30 and he was burning up again. This morning he felt like his temperature was way down but he was so cranky I made him go to bed even though he acted like he didn't want to and sure enough hes sleeping. He acts so miserable I wish this would go away but the doctor says I have to give the antibiotic 3 days before hes much better. This is the longest cold he has ever had. (2 weeks now) and his nose still runs from time to time. I wonder if his cold turned into a sinus infection because his symptoms have lasted so long.
Wow I wonder why amoxicillin wouldn't do the job. He is still being really fussy so I put him to bed again. I don't know what to do because no matter what he cries even when I am holding him. He won't drink anything today. His temp is almost gone (thanks to the tylenol) so I guess thats good. He won't crawl or cruise when he is like this so if I set him on the floor he just sits there and cries. I think its better for him to be in his crib resting but he doesn't seem to want to do that either. I don't know what to do with him he is soooo fussy. I am going to call the doctor and ask the nurse if this is normal. Thanks for your help!
Hi, My son had chronic ear infections beginning at 10 mos and ran continuously for atleast 8 months. I always found that infant motrine worked better and quicker on him. Not only that but with fevers that spike you can use a combo of motrine and tylenol. For example Motrine dosing is 6-8 hours, tylenol dosing is 4-6 hours. If you start with motrine at 12pm, and fever spikes 4 hours into the dose, give them the tylenol at that point and then 4 hours later you can give the Motrine again. It worked for me with spiking fevers. That's the only time I would use that approach and I always did it after communicating with the doctor. Good luck
yeah, I forgot to mention that--ibuprofin (infants motrin or advil) lasts alot longer. My doc always told me to use that in order to get a little more sleep ;) .

I never really did use the tylenol-doc said it wouldnt last long enough for us to rest. A fever is a good thing in the sense that it helps the body fight the infection, but at night, sleep for the both of you is really important, and that is when the motrin is a godsend! :angel:
Thanks for all your help! Dylan actually slept all night last night and wasn't cranky this morning. He drank some milk and ate some fruit without a fight! The fever is totally gone! THANK GOD!!! I am so glad he is feeling better and not crying non-stop. I guess if he could go 12 hours without tylenol or motrin and not develop a fever he is better! I never wamt to go through this again you guys.. But I am sure I will have to :(