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I used Tariq Javed in Atlanta area (Marietta)...had one level ACDF two weeks ago...absolutely a success so far! I was his first patient to use a dissolvable plate and screws, only about a handful in Georgia have had this type hardware...my surgeon believes this is the way of the future...no plates to shift or screws to back out and no compromised MRIs. I can't believe how great I feel...I am pretty much back to doing all my normal things with the exception of working out and lifting too much weight. I am driving, doing housework, doing all my "mom" stuff and can go back to work whenever I am ready (about a week or so). I have no pain whatsoever in my neck. In fact, sometimes I surprise myself as to how well I can move my neck. I was really scared before this surgery but now I wish I had done it sooner. I woke up from surgery and had immediate pain relief. Only residual pain I have is in my left arm and I am assuming that is from some moving around of nerves and muscles during surgery but I don't even have to take anything stronger than Motrin or Tylenol...and I can tell that it is getting better everyday. What's weird is that pre-surgery all my pain was on the right side (go figure) I had a very severe herniation C5C6 that was pressing on the nerve running down my arm and my spinal cord had been pushed aside...I was a walking time bomb and I could not afford to further injure myself. I really had faith in this surgeon (I had 4 opinions all saying have the surgery right away) Another poster mentioned Steven Disch...I have heard his name and my ortho wanted me to see him but I couldn't work him into my schedule. I saw Dr. Javed and was impressed by his credentials and the fact that he had done over 2000 of these procedures. Also, a friend who is an anesthiologist at a large hospital here in Atlanta said he was the best and that if he needed the surgery, he would definitely use him. Anyhow, hope this helps you and good luck to you...Terry