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My son has been sick for 4 days with a temp. of 101 or above. Yesterday I got him up and his temp was 102.6 I took him to the doc and they ran tests and they all came up negative but they said that his white blood count was low and that is all they said about that. The said that since all the tests were negative that it must be a virus and they couldn't do anything for him. When I got him home I checked his temp and it was 103.1 so I call the doc back and they told me not to worry till his temp 105. I am really worried about my son and the fact that they said that his white blood count was low--they didn't say how low but I am still worried--should I get a second opinion? :confused:

105 is too high! Full the long-term, get a new dr. For the short term, keep giving your son Tylenol AND Motrin and give him cool baths. If you can't get his temp to 102 or less, take him to the ER.