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Hi Betty,

I'm sorry that you are in pain, but I know the felling. I have extremly bad inflamation & fluid on my hips the inflamation is on my SI joints & I have been through every kind of x-ray, med's, PT, & injections. The best advise I can give is to find what combo of pills, or rest that works best for you. When I first got this after a car wreck nothing helped because it was super inflamed and nothing could stop the pain. I have learned that you must take med as soon as the pain comes. I know you said you tried everything, but please go back & re-evalute the med's (sorry about the spelling). I currently take Celebrex along with Ultram, you probably need to stay on an anti-inflamatory for a week or two, but must take everyday, also try to combine with anything else that you can withstand. You need to get the med into your system & stay on a regular schedule with your med's. Try taking tylenol or motrin & tell your doc that you have a very sensitive stomach & he should be able to give you some kind of pain or muscle relaxor. You can try to cut the pain pill or muscle relaxor in half & combine with the anti-inflamatory.

Hope things get Better!