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:wave: Sorry to hear that your pain has gotten worse, *hugs*

I have several degenerated discs, and herniated discs, the worse being C5-6 and T7-8. I had a headache for 2 days that turned into a migraine last nite, I couldn't get to sleep my head and neck pounded so hard. I took a lortab 10 at 9, a demerol at 11pm, and 2 tylenol at 2am, and a headache pill at 8am called butabital, it worked finally. I am really feeling weak and shaky today from it :eek: . I believe my migranes are caused from T7-8 herniation.

My low back seems to be getting better everyday, although I still can't stay up longer than an hour or less at a time before I start having severe spasms. I understand your statement about a bowling ball supported by a toothpick, that's about how I feel. :bouncing: