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Hi everyone, thanks for all the reply's. I have been through every kind of specialist, dr, Pt, neuroligist, xray & everything else related to this back prob. I have been to every dr.in Dallas that knows about this prob. & not help yet! The only thing that has helped is the med, & the dr's say this is a life long prob. with no surgery or anything to make it go away. I use cold packs, but that does nothing when you are in tears because of the pain. I have researched this inflamation prob. for about 3 years now, & no-one has found anything else to make the pain go away except med. or PT which hurts worse than it helps. I relly wish I could just take Vioxx when I need it, but I can't I take Aleeve, Tylenol, Advil muscle relaxors or anything else that helps the pain. Any more replies are very much welcome & I hope that there will be a cure to this one day.