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Well, I know that feeling all too well. She most likely has the early stage of "fibromyalgia". Mine started with sore sensitive spots and then over the years increased to other miseries.

Fibromyalgia is the dumping grounds for what doctors do not know. There is no known cause nor cure.

There is also another cause for that type feeling. It could be where the nerve endings are and it is transferred pain from other locations.

Your mom needs to see a rheumatologist. However, all those meds they give, such as anti-depressants, pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc. usually do not stop the misery. I know people taking all those pills and still hurt, but the meds makes people think they are better inspite of still having misery. If I am going to take pills I do not want to still hurt, and walk around in a fuzzy state. I tried Elavil and will not touch it again.

I personally have had fibromyalgia for 50 years, long before it had a name and only take extra strength tylenol when things get too rough.

Best thing is for your mom is to wear loose clothes when it is bothering her. Even the air brushing against the area will be miserable at times. A firm touch is o.k. but a light tough can send you to the ceiling and the hurt remain for some time after being touched.

As far as I know, there is no test to verify a fibro diagnosis but they rule out other causes.

Fibromyalgia will not cripple you, but, if you give in to it all the time you can cripple yourself. Best to keep moving even if it hurts.

In the later stages of fibro a vibrator is great to relieve misery due to hurting. DO NOT use vibrator on the sensitive to touch areas, you can't stand it. Later stages include muscles, ligaments, connecting tissue. Muscles can knot up and hard to get released. A gentle kneading massage works great for back muscles as well as does a good strong vibrator (if there is no sensitivity).

Sure hope I am wrong and that you mom does not have fibro.

Another thing, husbands have a hard time realizing there really is something wrong with their wives (we look fine but not). They can touch their wife and she may jerk away and they will take this as not loving them, but, what happens is that a very sensitive spot was touched and the misery caused an automatic jerk. This happened to me several times before I could get across to my husband why I jerked away, it was my body's automatic reflex to pain.