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I have not had surgery. I hurt my back 3 months ago helping my husband lift a treadmill into our house. Three days after that I was at work and got back spasms and could not move to get out of my chair and had to be helped to my truck which was not a good idea because when I got home It took me 15 minutes to get into my house while I balled in pain. The doctor just gave me pain pills. Then one week later I could not walk on my own and had to have my husband come home from work to bring me to the bathroom. I had a Dr appt that day and she scheduled an MRI which found a disc protrusion. She gave me more pain pills and cortizone by mouth which really helped a lot. I have been able to walk since then.

My pain is sharp. When I walk sometimes it feels like someone is stabbing me. Mine is just a little to the left of the tailbone. I was leaning over to the left while lifting the treadmill so I assume that left side got it the worst.

If I do something that aggravates it just like you said it hurts for a week about. This is my bad week. Last week I felt great. Ice seems to help the most but last night it did not help me. It seemed to cause sharp pains when I would put the ice on it. That is the first time that has happened.

Yes I have to be careful how far I walk. I can be on my feel for about 2 hours at the most. It did hurt really bad when I would sit up until just 3 weeks ago. Now I can sit without hardly any pain most of the time.

Last night I could not sleep because of the pain. I swear if I massage it my pain gets worse. Well I treid massaging it last night and I had quite a bit of pain. I have only been taking a couple tylenol each day but I had to take a prescription Voltaren and I got to sleep after that.

Do you notice that when you bend over and stretch that you can feel it pulling and hurting right around your tailbone. That is assuming that you have tried this. I did a few weeks ago and I hurt for that entire week because of it. I can stretch but not bending over like that.