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Arg. I posted a big long thing and something went wrong and I lost it all. :(

Here we go again in short form.

My neice Kaylin has mild CP. She was a normal healthy baby until 10 months old when she spiked a fever of 105 and was very lethargic. My sister, Lisa, brought her to the ER where she was told "Oh, she's not really lethargic. Kids usually get like that when they're sick. Take her home, give her some tylenol, let her rest and she'll be fine." Kaylin was a limp as a rag doll. If that's not lethargic then my name is Bertha (and it's not).

Before Lisa even got to the door Kaylin started convulsing. The wonderful MD's said she was choking on her tounge. It was 20 minutes before they realized she was having a seizure, and another 10 before they could stop it.

Since then kaylin has not been the same. She is now 8 and a half, requires special shoes (and still walks on tip toes), very thick glasses and you can't understand a word she says no matter how carefully she tries to talk. (I'm sure there are terms to describe this, but I'm not an expert obviously)

Lisa has applied for state insurance several times, only to be turned down because she makes $1000 a year over their cap. And the coverage provided by her employer does very little to help with Kaylins therapy bills. Lisa already filed bankrupcy once and is about to do it again. Without some sort of help Lisa won't be able to give Kaylin the help she needs.

She had gone to an attorney shortly after the hospital incident. She was told by the lawyer that she didn't have a case. We recently saw a story about him in the paper. Turns out he was related to one of the MD's and was covering up for him.

Is there a statute of limitations on cases like these? A malpractice suit would take care of Kaylin's therapy for a long time...