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Do you have a neighbor, relative, or family friend that you can call? Or a number where you can reach your parents? It sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed, and like you could use some help. Call somebody and talk to them, or have them come over to help you.

Your sister is probably fine, just some sort of virus or something. If she is feeling like she may throw up, give her a bowl or a pan in case she can't make it to the bathroom in time. If she is allowed to have it, you could try some tylenol (acetominophen) to bring down her fever. Give her clear liquids (water, clear soda, juice) and foods like toast or crackers. If her fever gets very high, if she passes out, if you can't wake her up, if she vomits uncontrollably, if she vomits blood, or if anything else weird or scary happens, call an ambulance. Otherwise, just let her rest and keep her comfortable.

But ideally, find an adult friend of the family who can look in on you, or call your parents ASAP.
She may have a case of the flu. (SHe doesn't have any injuries, does she? She didn't hit her head?) Yes, you should stay with her (you didn't mention how old she is). The cloths on the forehead are to lower the temperature and doesn't treat the nausea. She needs to stay hydrated, so you may want to give her sips of Gator-ade, or PEdia-lite (which will help manage her electrolytes). Keep taking her temperature. If it climbs any higher than say, 101 degrees, then you should try to call the family doctor. I know this is Friday but if she does have the flu, having you around will be a comfort to her. And, if it is more serious than the flu, you will need to be there to watch her and make a move to the ER if necessary. Can she take Tylenol? You might want to give her two regular strenght Tylenol to help reduce the fever if she is older than twelve. Does she have any allergies? chris
She's 15. No she didn't hit her head she just woke up not feeling well. I've already given her tylenol. I don't think she's got any medicine allergies.
If she is still not feeling well, i would do the obvious thing here and call your parents.They should at least be notified that their daughter is not feeling well.I wouldn't care if I was on vacation or not,i would want to at least be called so I could find out just what is going on and could offer some advice.I also think since this really seems to be stressing you out that just talking with your mom and getting some reassurance right now would really help you alot.

how is your sister feeling today?it really sounds like she might have just picked up some sort of virus somewhere.actual flu does not involve vomiting or diariah.it is more an all over acheyness and profound headache and feeling like you have been hit by a bus.what all have you done so far with her?i would not give tylenol anymore unless her temp gets up into around 101 or on up.The reason the fever happens is that your body is fighting the virus.If you keep knocking down a low grade fever with tylenol, you are inhibiting the bodies natural fighting abilities.Unless she needs the tylenol for pain issues i would maybe keep it on the back burner for now til she may need it if that temp really starts to climb.I normally don't treat a fever in my kids unless it hits around 102.i hope things are better today.Can you give us an update/Hopefully this will all be over soon.it seems that most of those little "bugs" that we pick up from time to time really have a rather short lifeaspan of aound 24-48 hours.Hang in there,and we are here if you have any more questions.marcia