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tonsillitis IS VERY contagious...not sure where you got your info from scruffyguy..but it definitely is contagious...

i had it many years ago..when i was around 7 or 8 years old (i am 32 now)...i can still remember how sick i was....would not/could not eat. in fact, the dr put me on baby food...since it would not take as much effort to open my mouth, or any chewing, and it would glide down my throat....oh how yucky!!! dont even know how babies can tolerate that stuff! i truly do feel sorry for you and hope that you get better soon. if you gargle with salt water...PLEASE go easy on the salt---it can scratch your throat and make things worse than it already is. another thing to remember...and i say this from having my tonsils removed a couple of years ago...and realized then what it meant....even though it is painful to drink...the dryer your throat is..the worse your throat hurts...it will help to keep it moistened at ALL times....even if it means sucking on cough drops constantly...(that keeps your saliva going to keep your throat moist). i would call the dr to see if he will prescribe you something for the pain...as they do with tonsil removal. (i had tylenol with codeine and it was wonderful for the pain!--however, if he gives you a narcotic pain medication....please ask if it can cause constipation....as most narcotic pain meds do...and that is nothing funny to deal with)

good luck and i hope you get better real soon.