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I'm hoping someone can please help me. I'm 38 and in April went to the doctor and they discovered my WBC was a little high (13.8). I was rechecked weekly for 3 weeks, and also had some blood in my urine. After a week of Cipro, then a week of flagyl everything was still the same. They sent me to a hematologist. She did blood work there and my WBC was fine (8.1) but the neutrophils were a little high (76.8). She sent off my blood to a university and it came back stating no leukemia or cancers. They also sent the urine off and it came back negative for cancer. The blood that was showing up was traced back to normal skin cells. I then had my IUD removed at her request and the next 2 weeks everything was fine. For the last week my low grade fevers are back. I awake normal in the morning but as the day progresses, so does my temp. I usually take some tylenol, just because my face and checks burn. My temps usually never goes beyond 99.5 though. I don't feel bad in any other way either.