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Hello all,
For those who are following this drama, I got the test back today from Doc's office. They told me the Doc felt the levels were too low to call it possitive. I have not idea what the means, I though it could only come out three ways, Possitive, Negitive or inconclusive. I am assuming he means the antibodies, and that I have some but not allot. It was not innex labs, it was some mom and pop lab or something close to here.
I made and appointment on Thursday afternoon to go over with it with him. I want to complain again about symptoms, and see if it does any good, I doubt it. I know he is going to tell me its in my head, and its because I got
lyme on the brain that i am imagining syptoms. Sad part is, its hit or miss if I am having a syptom when I am at the office, they come and go.
This morning I woke to a fever of 101 and a screaming headache that seemed to take over the top of my head, not the front like sinuses, nor the back and neck like I hear people get with lyme, but the very tippy top center. Oh it hurt. I poped three tylenol and laid back down until it was a dull roar. I thought that was an odd place to have a headache, never had one up there.
The only other thing I can think that caused this, is I am on a new med for my depression, not sure if it could be a reaction. THough to be honest I had the headaches and fever before I started up with this med this week so I doubt it.

I did get in touch with CT doc's receptionist (what wonderful people), that phone information idea worked great, I am not sure who had mentioned it. I talked with her, she mentioned that the only recomendation closer to me was Dr. D in boston. Since I was advised against, I asked for more info. I got what they charge, and how long it would take to see them (they are a bit backed up, its going to be a while). I went back to the misses and we are in discussions about it. She saw me this morning, and how much of a train wreck I was, so she is kind of pushing me to bite the bullet and do the traveling. Its 177 miles one way, which is roughly 3 hrs, as the car rolls. So it would most likely be an over night affair if I am to chase this. The neg result has me wondering though to be honest...

Then there is the homopath route, maybe it can be self medicated, not sure, will look into that too., not sure if anyone had any luck with that.

I wish I had known how this test works, I had the test after I noticed the rash and the symptoms had first started, not sure if that was long enough, maybe a week or two. I wonder if the doc gets a result with a piece of paper that says (possitive) on it, or maybe just a bunch of numbers, and he judges.

So I am in the grease and the wheels are spinning as I try and choose my direction. its a balance on a scale, money, time and wasted energy on one side of the scale, to a chance to catch a serious illness early and avoid allot of discomfort later, on the other.

I am wondering if my Doc is gong to read me the riot act on Thursday for continuing this, hope not. But I am not satisfied, i am not feeling better and I want to know why. If he can't help me, then it may be time to get in the line (a long one it seems, this guy must be good) and see someone who will listen.