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I suffered over 3 years with severe pain. I now know I have Endo. I searched over a year to get a decent DR to help me. I was also told I may need a hyst a couple times, but I'm to young and have never had childern, so I didn't want to have that done unless it was the last resort. I just had an abdominal myomectomy surgery. The DR removed a huge fibroid tumor, ovarian cysts and he cleaned up my Endo. He said it wont likely return for a long time. Or if at all. Please discuss this option with your DR. There are options but many DRs have no skill at the operation I had done or they don't want to do it. A hyst is easier for them. A myomectomy is a big operation, it has been only a week today sense I had my surgery. But I feel it will be worth it. I am off pain meds right now and have been taking ibuprofen and Tylenol which is a miracle for me. I was on pain meds while I was in the hospital of course. But before the surgery even strong pain meds didn't always help. I still fee week and have limited things I can to until healed, but I don't hurt like I did before the surgery. Hopefully when I get my next period I will be normal. I'm sort scared about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. A Lap is the standard way the DR can usually be able to tell you if you have Endo. unless like in my case my the fibroid I had was so large he had to do the myomectomy to discover my Endo which was really bad. I had a Lap last May and he couldn't do anything because of the Fibroid. Fibroids can cause bad pain for many woman like in my case. No one ever told me that expect the DR I have now. Other DRS wanted to blame the ovarian cysts only. They also cause pain, but so can other things. There is a risk my DR told me before I had my surgery. He said that if something were to go wrong he would have to take my uterus, but its a very small risk and any surgery has risks. It would only to be to save my life it I wouldn't stop bleeding. I just thought I would mention that. I'm sorry for your pain I know how you feel. There are options out there, just wanted to share what I decided. Also lupron has many negative side affects in my opinion. I learned about it on this board. I would never take it. But it is a option too. Hope you get help soon. Please keep us posted.
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