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I had Lasik yesterday and all is well! I have read a lot on these boards, but I never saw the video that other mention. I think I'm kinda glad, it would have freaked me out. Here is what I wish I knew before the surgery...

1. I got a script for 2 Valium pills, 10 mg each. I was told to take one the night before the 7:30am surgery, not to take it in the a.m. . Well, I wish I took one in the a.m as I was extremely nervous.

2. When making the cut for the flap, a suction cup is attached to your eye. You can feel it pulling your eye upwards and a little pain. When the suction is complete, you cannot see anything. Talk about a horrible feeling, knowing your eye is open, but you see blackness only! You cannot feel the cut, but it moves horribly slow and you can feel it along your lash line.

3. The laser, when it's working on your eye, makes a strange smell, like burning flesh?? I heard a fan running to remove that smell I'm assuming. I tried to breathe out of my mouth.

4. Get a book on tape from the library before hand so you have something to do at home the day of the surgery. My doctor said not to open my eyes except for eating and using the bathroom. Talk about boring.

5. Bring some pain meds, Tylenol or something with you to the surgery. As soon as the numbing drops wore off, I was in pain! I had to endure the ride home before I could take anything. Once I took it I went to sleep for 2 hours. Upon waking up the pain was gone, just a scratch feeling.

Good luck to all, I drove today to my eye check up appointment and have 20/20 distance and 20/15 close up. I'm 40 years old and did not need reading glasses before the surgery. I was -5.5 in both eyes.