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I would like to say for starters that I have researched this symptom that I have been having for years and still cannot find the actual disorder that is causing it. I have been to three different neurologists in the past ten years and all three of them do not have a clue as to what it could be - they have theories - but nothing conclusive. So, I am hoping that someone out there has the same symptoms as me or similar symptoms and we can compare notes, therefore, hopefully beating our doctors to the finish line for a diagnosis. :rolleyes:

My symptoms started back in 1991. At first, it was a little bit of a "burning" sensation in my lower left leg - right below the knee but never passing above the knee and right above my ankle - but never reaching below the ankle - and this always occured right as I was getting comfortable, either to sit down to watch t.v., eat, or to go to bed.

As the years past, it got worse, and slowly the pain would come earlier and earlier - before I would get comfortable.

Today, I have the pain in my left arm as well - right below the elbow but never going above it and right above the wrist, but never going below it. But here is the really strange part - the pain will sometimes - rarely - but sometimes will shift to the right side of my body - both the arm and the leg are affected - the same way as the left side. But the pain is 100 times worse! I then have to take either a sleeping pill or a Tylenol P.M. to put me out.

In order to get comfortable for sitting or eating, I have to position my left foot in a way so that it is putting pressure on it to stop the pain. For sleeping, I have to do the same but press my foot up against the wall in order to fall asleep.

There you have it - if anyone has any information about what this could be or even what will work to help kill the pain, please, let me know. I would appreciate any help or information that anyone has.

Thank you so much.