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Dear cj,

I have to go downstairs to get the info on the accupuncture gal. She is in Plano and I aboslutely love her. When I was going last year with no insurance it was $50/visit. The first might have been a little more I can't remember.

Before she even treated me she had me sit at her desk and lay my hands on a folded towel and she felt around my wrist area. She immediately said "you don't drink water do you?". I never drank water except to take a tylenol or other meds. It kind of blew me away. She sent me home to take these little birds eye looking Chinese herbs for 3 weeks and drink lots of water to hydrate myself as this is important for the accupuncture to work.

Within 6 - 8 weeks I was really feeling much better and then my oldest daughter came and really drove us crazy. I went to her for a few more weeks and didn't tell her about the daughter but she said "what is bothering you" and I told her.

She said the needles had stopped "working" and I needed to take the herbs again for a couple of weeks, calm down and then come back. I couldn't believe she could tell something was wrong. Accupuncture has a lot to do with energy and she felt mine was being channelled in the wrong direction. Most doctors would have just proceeded and collected their fee whether it was working or not.

One thing I will credit her with is changing my whole attitude about life. I swear to God I worried about everything. No more. This has helped me so much. It is as though my husband and I have switched places. He worries about everything now. I often joke with him and tell him he needs to go and let Trin stick him. :eek:

She is the calmest person I have ever met in my life. When she tried to teach me to be more relaxed I joked with her and said I would have to live at her house for a while to do this. She kind of looked at me as though I meant it. :D She just taught me that there are things in life you can change and others you can't.

My best friend's daughter then gave me all the paper she had pulled together on lyme and we went from there and of course so did all my money. I am so in debt from the IV it will take me at least a year to pay it off but I still would love to scrounge enough money together to go back to her.

I have talked to her and she said she would concentrate on the immune system to fight the lyme now that we know what we are fighting. I think my thread to you right now has convinced me even more this is something else I should add to the homeopathic and cat's claw.

By the way her daughter is a resident internist at Presbyterian so she is aware of both worlds. I honestly can't say enough about her and if you decide to try this route you will love her. When I get back on the computer I'll give you the info you need to contact her.