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Hi Grandma402,

I hope you are wrong (or maybe that only happens in some alzheimers patients). My father just had an office procedure on Thursday. He had a urology problem and could only pee at 20%. I thought this procedure, since it was only in the office and he was not knocked out, would not affect his memory. But yesterday, when I talked to both my mother and father, he was still a little wacked. My mom said he had had a hallucination that someone else was in the bathroom - she showed him that there was no one in there. But when I talked to him, he thought the dr. had come to their house and given hime some meds. Actually what happened was, my mom went to the drug store and got him some tylenol and gave it to him. It did make him feel better. He only had 1 valium and 1 hydrocodone at the office. The rest of the pills were either for bladder spasms or antibiotics!

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, he had a few memory problems before, but he seemed to have much, much more yesterday. My hope is that it will wear off a little, but who knows?! He also told me, that if he had a gun yesterday or the day b4 he would have shot himself. Now I am worried about his guns. I need to go and get them (I believe he has two - long guns). I just have to do it when they are not there, which is very hard!!!

Pills just seem to affect him more than normal people. Plus maybe the procedure was a little too much, but it made his peeing capability 40% instead of 20%. Which do you chose, or when do you chose to do nothing???

Thanks for listening. Welcome any answers, ?s, or info.

Thanks, Wannabe
Hi Sally,

Thanks for the words. It helps just to have someone listening.

Well, I talked with my parents again today. My dad had called the dr. answer service on a Sunday. He talked with the dr. on call and he said he could not prescribe hydrocodone without an office visit. Boy was I relieved! I think my dad just has an adverse reaction to that med.?! He seemed more like he was b4 the procedure. Just a little off and not hallucinating, just a little unclear on his memory.

Here is another ? for you guys. Do you think people with Alzheimers feel more pain than regular people? My dad says he is in great pain, and he is not supposed to be. Do you think they sometimes say that because they no longer really know what pain is? Or do they like the attention. My dad keeps saying, I am a patient who needs lots of care and medicine. And, juice is good for patients. And sleeps almost all day now. My mom gives him tylenol and he/they think it puts him to sleep! He does not have a temp. and no more blood in his urine. So, unless something went wrong with the procedure, or he has an infection, he may be just exagerating?!

Anyway, he is going to call his dr (urologist) on Mon. I told him not to call til 9:30 (he sleeps til about then or later anyway). I hope to call his urologist and talk to him b4 my dad. Just want to make sure they do not give him any pain meds that are too strong, as they may weird him out again!!! The hydrocodone/valium combo had him wacked from Thur. - Sat.!

Thanks for listening. Wannabe