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Hi Onyx,

The first thing you should do is to relax. You could be experiencing a million different things and a brain tumor is really far down on the list.

It sounds like your headaches have gotten to the point where they are more than just a nuisance to you and you should get them checked out.

What you should do starting now is to write down your symptoms,

- when you experience a headache

- how long does it last

- on a scale of 1 - 10 how bad is the pain

- describe the pain as best you can

- what, if anything, have you taken for the pain? (Aspirin, tylenol etc..).

Keep this list until you have your Dr.'s appt. and take it with you when you go. Your Dr. may have you keep track of other things as well after that, but this will give him a pretty good idea of what might be happening.

If he does order a CAT scan and/or an MRI, there is no reason to be worried about it. When someone starts getting new headaches that are pretty painful, ordering one, or both, of these tests is pretty standard treatment.

All your Dr. would be doing is ruling out some of the bad things that it can be. I've spoken with probably well over 1000 people with problem headaches. We have all had at least one CAT scan or MRI. We all experience really, really awful pain with our headaches and none of us has a tumor or anything like that. Also, like Nathan mentioned, puberty is a time that many start getting migraines.

Good luck!!

Thx, i do take like tylenol, and that kind of pain reliever, and the pain is just shocking like a wake up, sometime it can be bad, and i'll bang my head with my hand, and put pressure on whatever spot it happened in, other times it wouldnt be that bad, plus it last for around 2 seconds, i also have a feeling i havent, had much sleep, i may not respond for a bit becuase im going to paris tomorrow, and after that italy, so bye and thank you