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Dear Amber & gmcnj,

Maybe I am moving too fast on this but figured that since I had been on the cat's claw capsules I could go a little faster. I noticed that you said you only went up after a few months Amber. I am at 3 drops 2x a day after a week and planned on upping it another drop every 3 - 5 days. Maybe that's too quick? Maybe I will do it once a week and see how it goes or add a drop in the morning one week and a drop at night the next week. That sounds even better.

I do have a slight headache but nothing I would even take a tylenol for at this point. Gmcnj, maybe you need to back off a little. Don't forget that you basically cleaned your system of meds and are starting fresh. I think the only reason I have been rushing it is because of my husband. He's not telling me to but he's so anxious to see improvement. I need to stop that and go at my pace. I know we look for a herx as a sign you are getting better but dorkdad says Dr. J thinks that is wrong and Amber said she never herxed on the samento. As far as the hormones go I use a cream that the homeopahic gave me. He tested with his magnets and it said I was just lacking estrogen. No machine was used just the magnets. The problem is that when you do it that way you can't get numbers just that it is off and you have to play with it to get the right amount. I think the way your doctor did it is more scientific. I still say I am not sure if this is caused by the lyme and we are spinning our wheels in that area until the lyme is gone.
Like I said before, I didn't even know the estrogen was off because I have no symptoms. Keep me posted on your drops and I will do the same. Don't forget we have to judge what our bodies can handle ourselves. A slow approach that doesn't wear us down may be better than taking too much and wiping ourselves out.