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Hi Ladies,
I really hesitated about posting this but I just need to share my woes with someone....my friends are tired of it I'm sure and I don't tell my family much cause I don't want them to worry. I apologize for the lengthy post and if no one answers its okay I just needed to get it out of my system.
The last 6 weeks have been very very hard on me. It started with a bout of constipation (which NEVER happens to me) and from there my stomach and bowels have been messed up ever since. I've lost about 10 lbs from not eating enough, or being afraid to eat...I stopped taking my prilosec because since my tummy was problematic I thought maybe I didnt' have enough acid...bad move, got reflux again so bad I thought I would die. Doc put me on aciphex and it is helping with the acid. Can excess stomach acid mess up your body badly? Period was 9 days late which set me off on top of already having major health anxiety about the stomach/bowels...I wake up in the middle of the nite all aggitated and hot faced and disoriented and can't go back to sleep for a couple hours (luckily I don't have to be at work until noon). I take ativan when I can't stand it anymore and that helps for a little while but its still there. Doc had me on buspar and although it helped during the day, it made me have night terrors, so I stopped that. I'm nauseaus, no vomiting, just gagging and dry heaves...my left side is where most of the trouble is, sometimes on my right also, about bra strap line on the side and back and radiating down a bit and around to the side of the abdomen. Heating pads help a bit, and when the burbles and gurgles and noises happen its alway on the left and then I feel better for a couple hours. And to top that all off (I know this is disjointed and rambling, I'm sorry i'm just scared) the night before last I started having bloody stools with mucus chunks (bright red) so that REALLY freaked me out on top of all this and having my period at the same time..( it was bowels, not from period, I checked). Called the doc, he thought I just have a raw spot in my intestine from all the stomach acid over the last month and put me on the BRAT diet...which worked, today no blood and no mucus. (had a friend that this happened to in college from too much popcorn, but man was I freaked!!) My period has ended too, not many clots this time like previously but lots of bright red bloody mucus on the tp toward the end. My problem is over analyzing everything...period, blood in stool, kidney hurts...must be ovarian cancer, a ruptured cyst, kidney problems, colon cancer...gawd I'm such a mess. I can't make myself eat hardly for fear I'm gonna get sick, I get stomach pain when I don't eat...yellow diarrhea...I have an appt thursday for my pap and physical and hopefully I'll be feeling better a bit by then. I can't stand much more of this. I'm on these boards way too much looking for symptoms like mine and scaring myself to death, but I'm worried. I can't take anything for the discomfort, it makes me more nauseaus, even tylenol. I do actually have an hour or so here and there where I feel almost normal....but then it all hits again....nausea until I either eat or have a bowel movement...and then when I eat I get the left side discomfort about 2 hours later until the burbling starts. The nurse thinks kidneys cause of the area the pain is in and that not much is on the left side but I seem to be voiding all right and it doesn't appear bloody or cloudy. I think I'm just nuts, I've went over the edge and can't find my way back. Has anyone else ever felt these things and PLEASE what did you do to help it?
Connnie, Hi I use to hate taking any meds but like you said what the hell! I too take ativan if I haven't slept Tylenol PM or benadryl is also helpful. the paxil actually pulled me up from over the edge, so I guess I am now stuck with the old pill box. These health concerns are sure a pain. Never thought I would be so worried about myself!