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You are welcome, Amy. It is good to have someone to listen and have (hopefully) some helpful suggestions! You have helped me many times also. Now if someone can find something to help me sleep!! :eek:

I looked up the Women's Tylenol that RMC and Molly talk about, but it doesn't show anything in it that would help you to sleep.

Jackie, I've been using half of a Tylenol PM to help sleep, but have forgotten to take it the past couple of nights. I used to take Melatonin, which works great, but boy does it leave you hungover the next day, and you have VERY vivid dreams with it too. I've never seen the Women's Tylenol either....
Does the Tylenol PM not leave you hung over feeling the next day?
No, not too bad. All it is, is a mix of Benadryl and Tylenol. So if you have both of those at home you could just take that. But I like the Tylenol PM because you can break them in half and just have a lower dosage. I just got back from Walmart and got Alavert (same ingredient at Claritin) but it was cheaper. I also got a prescription filled for Carafate, which is to coat my stomach and esophagus. I'd love to think I could try to take the Nexium samples my doctor gave me, but if I react funny to them, then I am in for 24 hours of misery. Time to go lay down. Even pushing the cart at Walmart causes my reflux to go crazy - which is just crazy!!!! Well, I thought for sure I would start my period this morning, but didnt'.....it's been 40 days now - YIKES!
Hi Amy, I guess you read that we didn't make it to the Olive Garden... ended up at the Mexican restaurant instead. Well, that's ok - I know I have a good Olive Garden experience waiting on me, when ours opens here. I am just SO excited that we are getting one! Now, if we could just get a Perkins restaurant, we'd be set!

The DGL is really working very well, and I think it would for you too. My tummy hurt a bit yesterday, but it was the hungry feeling, and I think because I didn't take my Claritin the night before and had drainage. It feels ok today because I did take half of one last night, and not the drowsy kind - but I got up at 3:00 and took another Tylenol Allergy Sinus because I wasn't sleeping (again). I just don't want to be taking Tylenol every night because it can be bad fror you liver! The Periactin just zonked me out too bad all day, so I didn't want to take that. Got to find SOMETHING!!! Even the 5-HTP makes me feel drowsy and relaxed, but yet I don't sleep. I know it's the WEllbutrin because others on this board that have started on it are experiencing the same thing.

Hang in ther kiddo, we're both going to find something that works for us!! We just have to keep encouraging each other and hopefully find solutions.

On another note, I feel like I am getting (or have) a Yeast infection!!! I don't have a clue as to why either, because I have been taking my garlic and acidolphius faithfully. I hope I am wrong, it and goes away!!!!

Check in with you later (btw - I love baby food) :)

I'm so encouraged by your DGL Licorice report, but very disheartened that you're not sleeping. I'm having trouble in that area too, but I know the kind of sleep deprivation you are talking about - where nothing works, nothing puts you to sleep or keeps you asleep, and it feels chemical-based, such as brought on by the Welbutrin. It's just miserable. And I agree about the Tylenol-taking, I worry about that liver business also. I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Olive Garden, but you have a great attitude about getting to go there in the future, it gives you something great to look forward to. I've only been there once, and I didn't have a whole lot to eat because we were in a hurry for a Robotics competition, so I can't remember if it was good or not. The atmosphere was nice though. I really hope your not getting a yeast infection either, those are miserable - I always use some plain yogurt up the "love canal" and it seems to take care of it. Hopefully you'll get it under control quickly and it won't bother you for long.
Thanks for all the encouragement Jackie, I appreciate you!

I think it is SO wonderful of you to babysit for that couple! I'd have given anything to have a neighbor like you when my son was little. And yes, I do mean bland food when I call it "nursing home food", I guess I shouldn't assume that all nursing homes prepare bland food. I've definitely considered the food allergy thing, and would probably benefit from a fast, except that right now if I let my stomach get empty for too long, then the acid REALLY kicks in, and my stomach and throat hurt and burn so bad that I can't stand it. But, about three hours ago I took a Protonix (proton pump inhibitor) and I think it's making a big difference. I know it takes a while for those to really be effective, so we'll see....
Glad to hear from you Molly, you have a great Sunday too!
Hi Roxanne:

I have slept good lately, especially the last couple of nights since I took some Tylenol Sinus Allergy. I have been getting nauseated off and on due to the drainage. This time of the year is awful for me. I can hear my ears fluttering inside.

I laughed when I read the part about you getting irritated even by the sounds of people's voices. I know exactly what you mean. I still get that way sometimes. The girl that sits in the cubicle next to me even irritates me clearing her throat and the way she eats certain things - I can hear her crunching! Crazy I know - but like you said, the least little things can get on your nerves.

It is so crazy at work this week, I have gone home exhausted every day. I've even been working through lunch. I have been having some "day sweats" but not night sweats, don't think they are actually hot flashes, but not quite sure. OH my - we're all just having too much fun, aren't we?

Hope things calm down for you soon!


Hi Everyone...

Since this thread is about telling each other how we are feeling today in this peri ride...let me tell you about today for me:

It's Baaaaaaack!! YES, I got my period today!! Almost made it to 3 months (would have been Oct. 5th) but this morning shortly after writing my post I got it. It is funny as last night my legs were very achy and they felt like they do when I am going to get my period, hard to explain...don't know if any of you get an achy feeling in your legs beforehand, almost like a flu achiness. Anyway, during all these almost 3 months since I had not had it I have certainly had times when I thought it was coming....I have felt that one sided headache, Amy, that you and I get that at times precedes a period; I have had cramps; I have felt low energy at times. But I have never had the achiness in my legs till last night. When I felt that I did think perhaps it was going to come today but I figured maybe it was just that I would feel that way but it would not come.

anyway, I am not upset about it as I expected that I might get it at some point or I might not. Was hoping that I didn't get it anymore of course, but didn't count on that as of course a lot of people reach even 8 months and still get it. So back to another countdown!! LOL!! This is the longest I have gone so I am going in the right direction. Now I know what the twinges were about a week ago!!

I did get some cramps today and extra Strength Tylenol helped. And also just felt edgy and a bit low here and there today but nothing... not really a big deal so that is good.

Wanted to let you all know I got it. See what you started Molly!! First you and then Amy and now me a week later!! LOL!! Only kidding!! Hope you are well over yours and doing well.

Jackie, I understand now why you were weepy yesterday and felt badly for you.Glad you feel better than you did earlier ...it is good to let off steam like that and say how you are feeling to your husband. Better still to go and buy shoes!! Always good therapy!!

Hope you all and everyone else are doing well and here's to a symptom free day tomorrow for everyone!!

Take care,


Wow - so you got your period? Well - at least that explains all the things you have been feeling! And - going nearly 3 months is definitely in the right direction :bouncing: It's pretty rare that you would go from regular - to none, so you are definitely getting there. Hope you don't have the cramps too bad after not having a period for that long. I know we have talked about this before - but how old were you when you started your period? Since you and I are almost exactly the same age, it's interesting how different how our peri- period cycle has been. I was 10 1/2 when I started mine and started what you are going through about three years ago.

I know exactly what you are talking about when the refer to the leg aches. I would get it and would nearly cry it hurt so bad. Tylenol wouldn't touch it. My doctor gave me enteric coated Naprosyn, and that worked very well. He told me that it was due to your uterus swelling and pressing on the nerves. I didn't see how that could happen, but apparently it does. I didn't always have it - just before I started in Peri, I think.

Well lady, you pamper yourself today, take it easy, and maybe this will be a short one. Will check for you here later!

Just watch - I will be next! :rolleyes: But I hope I'm like Molly - I'll hit the year mark first!


Hi Everyone :wave:

My cloudy feeling didn't last the whole day thankfully. Still feeling kind of achy and pre period-ish though.

Jackie : yes you are right when those times come that we feel we are in a "funk" there seems to be no reason!! I know it is all hormones but when it is happening it is hard to tell oneself that. The aches come and go and so I know the hormones are the culprit there too but hate that achy feeling and hadn't had the shoulder thing in so long. Have been taking Extra StrengthTylenol for it and it seems to help a bit. Funny you mention the wrist as that is one of the areas too that is achy!!

As usual when I am socializing I get my mind off of the peri stuff and that helps. Had to push myself today though with it but it helped. We had a good day with our friends.

Sorry you got the cold full force. Curl up and just relax and take care of yourself this weekend. You said your throat hurt. Take some honey and lemon,heated, it really helps when I have a cold or sore throat.

Molly : sounds like you have been super busy with work. Hope things calm down for you and you get some relaxation in there.

You are right about the "down" feeling days, they come and go. I must sound like a broken record to everyone about it all but that was how I was feeling earlier and then the feeling lifted in mid afternoon. The aches seemed to be worse today but that is not a surprise as I feel in general more pmsy. Again it comes and goes and I know it is all part of the territory. This achy arm thing I have had before, just not in awhile. I know it is all related.

Hope you have a good Sunday

Hugs to you both,

Hi, I posted in the supplement thread but thought as always that I would post here about how things are going daily and again hope it is not confusing to anyone.

I took a xanax tonight as I was getting very tense about the shoulder/arm ache thing and took two extra strength tylenol too. Right now I do not feel it. So don't know if it the tylenol that helped or if he xanax acts as a muscle relaxer. As I said in the other thread I am thining of taking one before my gyn appt if that is the case, as I will need to be relaxed that is for sure as I am keyed up about it , which I know is silly for a routine annual exam. Please think of me tomorrow around 1 :30 Pacific time (lol) that I will not have a hard time with the exam and will be calm. And also that everything is ok..that will be my next thing I will I know be worried about. I sometimes just am so embarrassed at how paranoid I have become over every little thing about my health!! It is ridiculous!! I was never like that before!!

I did workout tonight and that helped me immensely.

Amy : I saw that shower Soothers on tv and it looks like it would be great for congestion.

I am glad your stomach is doing somewhat better. When I was having stomach issues a few years ago Pepcid seemed to help alot.

Jackie : I am very prone to fluid in my ear for some reason and so I can relate. Glad your sinus coctail is helping.

Glad you have the Reglan for your stomach and hope it helps.

Hi to Molly, Conni,Ann, Hellas, Bell (if you are out there) and anyone else I mssed!!

Take care,

Hi Jackie,

I can certainly understand why you have not been posting at work much…I think about that too and try to do so when I am on break. But mostly I post in the evenings from home as you probably see. Or in this case very early morning!! LOL!! We went out with friends and then they stopped in for a bit, and just left.

You know I bet you are on the right track that the Sudafed and Wellbutrin don’t mix well. As I mentioned I do not take Sudafed well and it makes my heart race and I feel very jittery with it. Have not taken it in years. I know that Actifed has the same properties in it but must have something else in it that does not do that to me as I can take that fine.

I did have the shoulder/arm/neck ache today and it feels like a muscle strain but as you said when we are in peri we tend to start thinking otherwise!! I did take a xanax today when I got home and it helped. I started worrying too that my blood pressure read higher at the gyn’s. They did not seem to be worried and just said the top number would read higher due to my being worked up about being there. So I guess I should not worry either!! But you know me!! LOL!!

I think you are doing exactly what you should be doing at your job…just keep on keeping on as you normally do and go about your business in the capable manner you always do.

Glad you went and got your hair cut ..that always helps to make one feel good. And the glass of wine does not hurt either!! Here's a toast to a great and relaxing weekend for you and your husband!!

Molly : Good to hear from you!!

We have the same situation with Sudafed, Actifed and others in the store. have to ask for them behind the counter and soon will need a prescription for them due to the rampant use of them for illegal purposes.

As you probably read above my muscle strain seems to come and go and when it is there I get a bit worked up about it. If it was my right side I do not think it would freak me out so.

I can relate to your aches being worse when you bend and also that it all just doesn't make you feel good. That is how I am with this shoulder/neck thng. I do think too that here I am only 51 and feeling ike this and to me not that old!!

You asked if I took anything for the aches, just the tylenol. Heat helps too.

Let us know how the Lauren Hutton products are. have seen them and they look very good.

Well I am about to fall asleep here so will get this out to you both. Amy, Hellas, Conni, Diane, Julie and Tina and anyone else I didn't catch, I will write you tomorrow.


Hi Molly,

Good to see your post!! Yes my shoulder is better today. I tried not to do any unnecessary lifting with that arm today , even something simple like not carrying my purse on that side and also not carrying anything more so to that side. Also took the extra strength tylenol around the clock, so both must have helped.

As far as it being another ache I might have to deal with, I think it may be something that may flare now and again as it is not the first time it has. I did read about your neck and I thought I had mentioned that (peri mind again!! LOL!!) and I know how that is as it really does hurt when you sleep funny and wake up with it like that. A couple years ago I had it where it was hard to even turn my head with my neck was kind of stiff. It really makes you feel out of sorts.

Glad that you got the Oprah mag as I think it is a wonderful one about the theme this month... "Aging Brilliantly" ...or something like that. There is a lot of good info in that mag. in general. I am not big on on her program at all (unless she is interviewing someone I like) but do love the magazine. it is inspirational. I think the article in there about the aches and pains is a good one and shows that we are not alone in how we feel. I too feel I probably have osteoarthritis to a certain extent. I too do what you do with massaging and it feels better, but can't seem to keep it all aligned!! Even when I go to the chiropractor and get adjustments it will only last for a little while it seems.

It is hard not to compare oneself to people we see. I do the same thing. Had our 80 year old aunt here a few weekends back and she is so vital and on the go all the time. Perhaps she has aches but guess they do not bother her or she has got used to them!!

Hope your aches were less today and that you are enjoying a wonderful evening.


Hi Everyone,

My cold is doing better, just a residual stuffy head feeling and that low feeling you get with it.

Good news is that my Pap results came back and everything was fine!! So I was so pleased to get that in the mail!! Wanted to share it with all of you as you all thought of me and prayed for me 2 weeks ago when I went and literally held my hand thru it!! Thanks so much again for that!!

Molly :

Glad the Excedrin worked for you. Isn’t it funny how some things work for a time and then they don’t. Extra Strength Tylenol always seems to help me more than the rest for the aches.

Hope you did not get this cold that is going around. I am better today but still have drainage and the low feeling. I will try to go to the gym today though as I have not felt up to it these past few days with the cold. I know it is going to be hard to do even after just a couple days off from it.

That story you mentioned about someone in Britain just totatlly is awful . To think someone would do that is just heartbreaking.

Hope your aches are less today and you are having a good day.

Diane :

Yes, the aches that we get at this time can be frustrating for sure. There seems to be a new one weekly!! LOL!!

Sorry to hear you did not sleep well. I have to say although I have a hard time getting to sleep at times, I seldom wake up often during the night and if I do , I go right back to sleep. Last year when I was having nightsweats it was a different story!! I know it is a symptom of Peri and Meno to have sleeplessness at times and it sure sounds like it is prevalent.

I am with you about flying!! I love traveling but am not a good flyer at all. I do not mind long drives though. We will be taking one, an annual one to San Francisco area to visit family at Thanksgiving, about a 12 hour drive. We break it up on the way there and stay somewhere about 5 hours from here on the first day. But on the return we do it in one day...long day!!

Congratulations on making the one year mark of no period!! I did not realize it had almost been a year!! Good for you!!

Enjoy a relaxing time at your ranch!!

Jackie : hope you are still period-less today…I am sure that the ovulation feeling and look of the discarge is just part of the hormonal ups and downs that come at this time.

Sorry you did not sleep well , hope tonight is a better night for you.

Amy : thanks for letting us know that the compounding pharmacist mentioned aches and pains as part of hormonal fluctuation!! That really is good to know and to confirm!!

Your trip today to do some Christmas shopping sounds like fun!! Enjoy!!

Hope you have another good night’s sleep tonight.

Hello to everyone else too and a good day and night to all!!

Take care,

Hi Gals!
Same stuff, different day :) My mom gets out the 30th, I can't believe its been almost 2 months since she fell!!! Time passes quickly.
Amy, sorry you are having sleep troubles along with all the rest of us...I still think its the combo of the moon and hormones lol My body seems to have set itself on a 6 hour sleep pattern; no matter what time I fall asleep, its almost to the minute 6 hours later when I wake up. Sometimes I have random quick awakenings, like if my cat decides she wants to lay on my head, or like this morning when the police pulled someone over right in front of my house...looked like a dang disco in my bedroom with the flashing lights! And I am like you, lately I feel waaaaay worse when I ovulate instead of when my period starts. Seems like after I ovulate, I have a relatively good couple weeks, all things considered! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your dad and the shopping....lucky girl, a diamond necklace!!! :) What a good dad....my dad was the same way; showered my mom and me with anything we wanted. Almost 27 years since he passed and I still miss him.
Roxanne, sorry to hear about the cold but glad its almost run its course. And HOORAY about your pap results!! You were talking about cholesterol checking in January, I had mine rechecked last week (or the week before? lol) and it had dropped from 300 something to 199 and the ldl is lower (I think thats the one to watch) so thats good, but my triglycerides are higher!! Go figure, the doc said start taking fish oil caps....duh, am already doing that. So he said stay on the vytorin and recheck in 6 months. I'm sure I would have seen better results, however the last couple months my diet hasn't been the best with stress and on the go eating. But things are settling down now so I can get back to focusing on me a little :)
Diane, oh girl, I wouldn't get on a little plane to save my life (well, maybe then lol) as a matter of fact, never been on a plane in my life and I get teased plenty, but I'm not gonna do it!! Its not fear exactly, hard to explain but something just tells my brain that flying isn't for me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend at the ranch and get to check in with us!! Hope your back is better too.
Jackie, sorry about your work problems. I work in a teeny little office with a teeny little branch across town, 4 employees and one boss who's good...but sometimes theres stress just being with the same person everyday and having to hear her dramas and problems and her being on the phone and cell and computer with her family and friends and GAWD I could just scream by the time she leaves in the afternoon at times!!! Shes a good person but her life just floods over everything some days. I literally have to stretch my shoulders and neck on my way to the bank after work and then home because they are so tight and ache. But like you, I like my job and intend to keep it as long as it lasts!! Hope things get better for you, maybe that boss will stay away longer lol.
Molly, glad to hear the excedrin is working for you; I haven't taken that for years but it used to work pretty good on my headaches. I find that sometimes changing meds seems to give me relief for a while, then I change again. Tylenol has never worked good for me, I get better results with the aspirin/ibuprophen type drugs. But its nice to go through a day more comfortable, isn't it? :)
Julie, hope all is well with you through this difficult time.
Well ladies, I'm sure I've missed something or someone, will try to catch up later on; I hope the day goes good for all of us!!
Conni :wave:
The doctor put my husband on fish oil, B-complex, and folic acid for his cholesterol and high triglycerides, plus he takes an 81 mg aspirin daily too. He'll be rechecked in a couple of months, and we are anxious to see if this helps. Ya know, Tylenol never worked for me either until they started mixing it with caffeine. And now, I do get pretty good results from the Excedrin formula that has tylenol and caffeine in it. Actually I don't do too bad with Extra Strength Tylenol either. But since my stomach has been so touchy, I don't take any aspirin or Ibuprofen, but they sure work well. Have a good Friday Conni!

Boy, I can relate to the heart palps. and that "rushing" feeling you were talking about. I get that really bad a few days before I ovulate and again a few days before I start a period. I also will be awakened in the morning sometimes with palpitations or a weird arrhymia in my heart sometimes. It is very frightening, and I've mentioned this to my brother (the cardiologist) and he seems unconcerned about it. I did have a stress test and wore a Holter Monitor for 24 hours a year or so ago to check all that out, and of course I only had ONE palpitation while I was wearing the monitor! But everything checked out fine. He reassures me that he hears this complaint a lot from the peri./meno. women. Hope you have a great Friday!

I actually slept last night - YAY! I think I was so exhausted from several nights of not sleeping and I also took half of a Tylenol PM before bed, which always helps. Do you guys ever notice that your gums will sometimes feel tender and sore, and then it goes away and is fine? I've noticed this happening lately about once a month or so - it's mostly the gums by my back molars. We have enough physical complaints to deal with - I swear - this whole thing is almost laughable because of all we have to mess with! Hope your Friday at work is a good one, and that you and your husband have a feel-good, problem-free weekend!
Hi Ladies,
I don't usually come over here, but was up early due to back pain, so started reading this one. Notice a lot of you have aches & pains too, so glad I'm not alone. I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams. I have so many things I need to do and I'm afraid doing them will make it worse. I've lived with this heating pad on every area of my neck & spine for a few days. Have had reactions to aspirin & ibuprophen last spring, so afraid to take anything. I never thought tylenol did much of anything, so why bother. I keep stretching and all, but....So that pycogenol (sp?) sounds interesting. Allergic to sulfates so the glucosamine is out, too. At lunch break at work I go out and sit in my car because by then the seat is warm and the seat justs hugs me right, and it feels better. Don't envy you, Diane the ride to the ranch though. But I'd do that over the plane thing too! Back pain or not! My last plane trip was in '86 and I'm keeping it that way!
RMC, I get lots of heatbeat skips and pounding, etc. That's really scary. And aggravating. For some reason, it always seems worse just before I fall asleep. Maybe it's the lying down, after being upright all day, I don't know. But you're right about the water. By being well-hydrated, it really does seem to help. I have mitral valve prolapse, so this menopause thing just seems to make the palps worse. And I'm not a big water fan, but it does help.
Hope everyone has a good Saturday...gotta go hit the shower, while there's still hot water. (Too many apartments here & only one water heater).
Hellas (faith)
They did the stress test because I kept having such severe panic attacks that would send me to the ER and my heart would be beating 165 beats a minute and they couldn't get it to slow down, and I kept having repeated occurrences of it, and always complained about the palipitations. They were just checking to make sure it wasn't something mechanical causing these episodes. They also did an ultrasound of my heart along with the Holter Monitor and stress test. Even though they all checked out fine, it still really bothers me when I have these rushing feelings and weird heartbeats that you and Hellas mention. I've been having the same PMS type feelings you mention, but it's day 18 or so for me, so I can't figure out if it's ovulation or period stuff. Sorry about the bleeding gum stuff, but it sounds like you've got it under control with the braces. How did they figure out that you needed braces to correct that problem? My son is getting his braces off this coming Wednesday, and will be wearing Invisalign braces as his retainer. He is SO excited to get them off. And I agree with you and Hellas on the water thing, it does help everything.

Sorry you are having such bad back pain right now. God bless heating pads! I have one on my back almost every night. I know they say that good stretching exercises and walking are supposed to be the best things for you back, but when you're in pain that's the last thing you feel like doing. I used to think Tylenol did nothing for me either, you might try the brands of Excedrin that have the acetaminophen formulated with caffeine. Or, take Tylenol with a cup of coffee or a Coke. It really does help it work much better. I can sure understand how you feel like you are falling apart at the seams - isn't this just the pits!!! Hope you had a relaxing, and WARM shower!
You guys have a great day today!
Hi everyone,

See there are a couple posts this a.m. and thought I'd answer them and say hello. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

Amy : You said you were on day 18 and I guess I counted wrong as if I got it on Oct. 1st , it is day 21 for me (maybe I did say that, don't know) anyway, as far as feeling the pms or ovulation feeling when it is not technically a time when you might be ovulating...from what my gyn said that is very typical. Whereas before peri we would have classic pms or ovulation feelings 2 weeks before, it is now a longer pms and also we can feel these things more often during the whole cycle. So it is harder to track it.

Re : the gum situation...I have always had gums that bleed a bit and even 10 years ago they said that braces would help as I had a bit of crowding in the back and if they took two teeth out it would make the bite better and then I could floss better too which helps prevent the bleeding and easier as things would not be as tight. My teeth were straight except for minor crowding in back but even though straight, there was not a lot of room between each one. One would not notice it looks wise so it is not a cosmetic thing with the braces, but for dental health it is better to have it where you can get in there and really floss better. They had to take two out and really once those were gone everything kind of started to move and I had an easier time flossing right away. I did not know if I was a candidate for Invisalign but I was (not everyone can wear them) and I am glad as I like being able to take them off to floss and to have meals. The dentist suggested them as it is far easier to be able to floss with them as opposed to braces one has in all the time. I wear them all day though but you take them off to eat and to floss. I do think they are resonsible for some of the aches as they say anything with our teeth moving affects other things like that.

Hellas : No you are not alone with the aches and pains that is for sure!! I started with back problems a few years ago and also get aches in my hip and now neck and shoulder it seems and it seems they should just make one big long heating pad we could just slip into for this kind of thing!! LOL! I usually ice when I get back from working out though The Extra Strength tylenol does help me at times more than any of the other over the counter things.

And yes concerning the heart palps. when I first got them or noticed them I was in my mid 40s , now I know it was the beginning of peri I think. They told me my electrolytes were off whatever they are (LOL!!) and that I needed to drink more water. So I carried a water bottle with me ever since. I love water so this not a problem. But you know how sometimes you just get busy and forget to drink as much...at least I do. So I have been very lax lately compared to what I usually drink and I am going to flood myself again with the water and see if that helps. So far it has.

Hope the hot shower helped and your aches lessen.

Always good to hear from you!!

You both take care and have a good Saturday. Hello to everyone!!

Jackie, I understand what you are saying about the pain pills and muscle relaxants! When I finally gave in and went to the back Dr. this last June, he prescribed, Vicodin, Celebrex and a muscle relaxant and a one week dose of steriods. I told him I was not going to take all those medications and he told me if I wanted to break the pain cycle I was in, I would have to take them. I was so upset about it, that I went home and called my pharmacist and asked him 10 million questions about each one of the medications. I told him that steriods cause weight gain and all kinds of problems and he explained to me that one week would not do that, they only do that when you are on them for an extended period of time and I have to say that they did do wonders for my back pain after just one day of being on them. My pain pills were prescribed at 4 per day...I never took 4 in one day, there were a couple of really bad days I might have taken 3 in one day and several days where I had to take one in the morning and one at night. I still take one most mornings, but skip some mornings, I am paranoid about getting hooked on them. He assured me they were very low dose, but it still scares me. They don't make me loopy, sleepy, nothing, just keep the pain under control. The muscle relaxant I was taking seemed to make me extremely moody!! I got on the internet and read up on it and that was a rare side affect, so I threw it in the trash. Also, had a weird side affect with the Celebrex, so threw it in the trash. Like I said, I still take maybe one pain pill in the mornings, but that's about it, and I need to stop taking it. Just tylenol might do the trick for me now. Anyway, before I started all those meds for my back, I was doing incredibly well as far as meno symptoms, but they seemed to have triggered somthing in my body, because that is when the NS and HF got so bad and have remained. The mood swings got much better after trashing the relaxants! Seems like my body reacts so differently to medication than it used to. Why does your husband have to take the meds? Don't mean to be nosey, just curious, I know they prescribe relaxants for all kinds of differant things.

Hang in there, just go curl up in bed and watch TV, and tomorrow will be better!

Faith, you hate snow? I love it, but if I lived somewhere that it snowed a lot I wouldn't like it either. In Texas, we ususally get one snow a year (maybe) and it is usually gone in a day or two. Sorry you are feeling anxious, that's no good!!! I am like you, the time change drives me nuts, wish they would just leave it the heck alone!!! Makes the days way to short, IMO!

Catch you guys later, sure hope you sleep well, let's hope we all do!!!
Hi Everyone,

Hope your Sunday is going well. I was thinking back to two weekends ago when I felt really low , mood wise and other wise and it was almost like pms time, ovulation time. Now this weekend and last weekend have felt better but it is day 28 for me and it does not even feel like my period is coming. A few days ago as I posted I had cramps and was sure it was coming but nothing yet. I am not thinking about it now which is easy to do when one is not getting symptoms. Have been sleeping good and have been good about exercising too so I think that helps me.

We had a good time with friends last night, it was a game night with all sorts of board games and 8 people total there. Fun evening. This morning was a pretty autumn day and we went to a pumpkin patch enjoyed that. Just relaxing today and getting some things done. Feel a little low energy wise today but nothing major.

Diane : Yes, my back problem is also called the exact same thing..degenerative changes in that L4 and L5 area. I was given Vicadin also and Percoset when my back first gave me problems. I did not deal well with either, one made me have nausea and the other just made me feel out of it and had weird dreams. Did not take either for more than a week.

You know what your husband said to you about how you should quit reading about stuff on the internet because then you always seem to have whatever it is you are reading about... that is me to a tee also and my husband has said the same thing!! LOL!! But some times we cannot help ourselves especially at this peri/meno stage.

I LOL that you named the cows at one time...that is also me to a tee!! LOL!! I could see myself doing that but I think I then would get too attached.

I like our wireless laptop too and have got spoiled with it as I don't like being confined to the desk with the other computer. But since the laptop is the only one with Internet access now it is just simpler and we can use it anywhere.

Hope you got your Sonic Burger!!

Julie Yes, you are absolutely right, everything comes to a halt here when there is even a little snow and I mean little!! LOL!! Being from NY state we laugh at it as people here do not realize what a true winter is but I have to admit I like a snow day here and there when everything just shuts down and the hills here make it more treacherous driving than it would be back East where we grew up.

Yes, I feel cheated too not having had a Sonic Burger!! LOL!! I have never craved burgers before like this until Amy, Jackie and Diane talk about Sonic burgers!! LOL!! The only local or Pacific NW place similar for us might be Burgerville...do you have that there? It is a summer treat for us to go there as it is a nice drive where it is.

What you did with the sheets is interesting but I'd need it in reverse!! What I mean is my husband loves them and they are not my favorite...I like regular ones and when I do put our flannels on, I put a section on the bed that has the regular sheet near my area. Kind of makeshift as I do not sew and I can't keep totally away from the flannel but I like having the option to pull the other one over me if the flannel gets too much. It is not due to nightsweats at this point as I do not get them much at all but I just am not big into flannel at night. We have a water bed so it is nice and warm in the winter anyway without the flannel I think.

Hope your day is going well!!

Molly : I have seen the loveseat recliners as far as in a friends house but don't know where they got them.

As far as how I am feeling, thanks for asking. I am at day 29 and the other day had bad cramps like my period was coming. Also the pms feeling the week before. Nothing yet!! Again feels like it is not coming now, so it is very much an up and down thing and I know typical.

The Women's Tylenol helps with the PMS and aches at that time. Never have taken it for the regular aches we get. I do take extra strength tylenol for those and it does help at times.

How are you aches today? Hope they are non existent and you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday.

Why were you taking Sudafed...are you having your sinuses act up or allergies? I ask as I take actifed when that happens at night as it makes me too drowsy to take during the day. Sudafed makes my heart race for some reason but not the actifed.

How are your scrapbooks coming along?

Hope you have a great Sunday!!

Jackie Glad you slept better. I am glad you took something as it sounded like you were having a stressful weekend.

I am surprised too that your husband's gastrointerolgist (probably spelled that wrong I know!!) gave your husband the pills. I would be upset too as you are. I fully understand and would be beside myself. I really hope that today is a better one for you.

That full feeling in the pelvic area ...know exactly what you mean and it usually happens before my period is coming. But you are probably just getting sensations without the period.

I am thinking of you today, sending positive thoughts and prayers your way and lots of calming vibes. Hope today goes well for you, Jackie. You are in my thoughts.

Hi to Amy and Hellas, Conni and everyone else!!

Take care,

Made it back to Houston! Man sometimes that drive seems forever and then other times it goes by really quick! Getting dark so early sure made it seem longer to me AND, I still didn't get my sonic burger....this time Ray wanted mexican food, since it is a favorite of mine, too, I couldn't argue with him, but I'm going to weigh 500 pounds if we keep eating like this!!! He's always telling me he's going to get him a fat girl that cooks, and I tell him, that's fine with me as long as she cleans house, too...LOL We're bad, aren't we?

Jackie, I see your day has not gotten much better! I'm so sorry about that. Believe me, we all go thru times with our spouses that are tough! Just hang in there and I bet this too shall pass. I just hate it when Ray and I are on different sides of the world, it seems, but we somehow manage to overcome it and things settle back down. That's all you are going thru right now, it is one of those hard times!!! Do ya'll have kids? I haven't heard you mention having any, I think I may be the only one who posts on here regularly that is a Nana (grandmother...lol)! We will all keep you in our prayers, it's obvious from your posts that you are very sad and that makes me very sad, too! Going to church together is very important, and believe me, Ray is the reason we get up and go together, I sure can't take any credit for it. He made sure our girls and the two of us were there Sunday morning, night and on Wednesdays when the girls were still at home. I'm thankful he is that way, because I can be the one that wants to sleep in etc. on Sundays and it always makes me feel better to get up and go!!! I'm just hard headed, I guess!

Julie, I know what you mean about your DH reading over your shoulder, sometimes Ray comes in just to see what I am up to, and I feel kind of the same way you do, it's private and I really think he could care less what I'm saying, unless it was to another man...lol We do get personal on here and it is our safe haven to be able to come on here and vent to one another and know that it is private, between us girls!

Hey, I'm impressed with the custom sheet thing you have going. I can't even hem a pair of pants...lol Hate sewing, but if I could hot glue it, I would be in business!!!

Amy, you are right, it is very hard not to get too attached to our cows. Of course all of mine are registered and have to have names, so of course, they are certainly more like big pets! I'm very attached to some of Ray's, too, especially our first bunch we bought in the very beginning. He pretty much knows that if it has a name I have given it, then it's not for sale...lol When it's time to sell calves I do not help load them, etc. and he knows why, ... it would make me cry. We had one episode this summer that broke both our hearts, one of our very favorite heifers that we raised from a baby, named Tammy Faye, died trying to have her calf. I was at my daughter's and he called me and we were both bawling...he had to call the vet out and have her put down. We still don't talk too much about it, but that's why you try not to get attached to them. Some you just can't resist tho, they follow you around like puppy dogs.

Too bad Aunt Flo came for a visit (I guess), unless you were wanting her to visit...it would probably scare the wits out of me to have a period, after going about a year without one! lol Sure would be weird...

Roxanne, hi, glad you had a great weekend!!! Yes, I am always self diagnosing myself on the internet, but I try to keep it at a minimum because it really is amazing how you can have the symptoms to every known disease to man, isn't it? ha ha I don't like taking the vicodin, either, but it does not make me sleepy, feel weird or anything, just makes my back feel better all day. I need to just try the extra strength tylenol, it would probably do the same thing. I know one sign that you are getting hooked on a drug is when it takes more and more to help your pain, I have taken less and less so hopefully, I'm okay with it. It's the lowest dose they make, but think I will just try the tylenol and see if that helps me in the mornings, I bet it will!

Hi, Molly, hope you had a good weekend, too!!! Let us know how you like your hand massager, if that's the route you decide to take!!! You asked about my core exercises...some of them I use the big ball, I don't think I have seen the commercial you talked about, but some are with the 65" ball and some are without it. I prefer the ones without the ball, just because I am lazy and you have to air the ball up every week...LOL

Better head to bed, it's getting late, well, still need to change some of these clocks in Houston, it's not quite as late as I thought! ha ha

Catch ya'll tomorrow!!!
Hi everyone…"WOW" as Julie said this morning…I have a lot to catch up on tonight as you all have been busy since I wrote last night!! Always good to see all your posts and check in. I have not been able to do at work this week as we are in seminars and I have not been at my desk or my computer. So have been going thru withdrawls!! LOL!!

Julie :
You are in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow as you go for your root canal. I wish you a pain free experience and when you come home rest, relax and pamper yourself. I was going to suggest you bring headphones with you to listen to music when they do the root canal. They let me do that when I got the 2 teeth pulled and it really helped.

You were talking about the show that Valerie Bertinelli was in and yes I was saying as Lola was, it was her sister who was Julie and played by Mackenzie Phillips who was the daughter of one of the Mamas and the Papas, John Phillips who was married to Michelle Phillips also in the group. The Mama and the Papas were the first group I saw in concert.

It is funny how we all picture each other isn't it?!! I did picture you as a brunette though so I was right!! And I would be happy to look like Valerie Bertinelli that is for sure!!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and holding good thoughts for you.

Molly Glad the massager is helping with the aches. My hip today was bothering me and it is like you have said, it is when I am bending. Especially feel it when I am bending to put dishes in the dishwasher. You are right about something working for a bit , like the Excederin and then all of the sudden it won’t. For me Extra Strength Tylenol seems to work more than anything.

I know that Glucosomine/Chondritin is supposed to be very good for this type of thing but it is not something that offers immediate relief. It is something that is supposed to help over time. I am not faithful about taking it though, which is the problem

Yes, have my fingers crossed again that I will not get my period!! I think it is day 32 or something. I am feeling really good today and always am glad for those days!!

Hope you have an ache free day tomorrow!!

Lola : I can’t believe your doctor saying your “thyroid is doing something weird”!! No wonder you are frustrated..I would be too!! I think you are asking all the right questions and that is all you can do and just know we are all thinking of you. I am sending you many postiive thoughts and hugs thru all this. It is bad enough going thru all this peri /meno junk without doctors being so insensitive and also not explaining things well.

I smiled when you said you wanted to make a pie for all of us…and since others have put in their orders I will put in mine and give you a choice as I have 3 favorites : Coconut Cream, Banana Creme or Pecan!! you can choose!! LOL!!

Hang in there and know we are here for you, Lola.

Diane : What a scary thing with the way the doctor told you about the cyst on your thyroid and then it was absolutely nothing!! I think that some of these health “professionals” are so insensitive at times!!

Glad your blood tests all came out fine and the chest xray too. Great news!!

I am now picturing you as Eva Gabor a la Green Acres!! And I would be just like you on the ranch….with fixing your hair and make up to go see the cows!! I don’t go anywhere without lipstick!! LOL!!

I feel as you do also with worrying that we will not be able to know “where” one of us is if someone quit posting for awhile or if the board went away, etc. I would feel terrible that we would not be able to find each other.

You had me laughing about Mary Tyler Moore and how she looks now!! LOL!!

When is your surgery again, by the way?

Hope you have a good night's rest tonight.

Amy : Helen Hunt and Dolly Parton..that is a good mix really!! I would take it!! Actually when you said Helen Hunt, I was picturing you with that color hair etc. My cousins who are to me severely severely BLIND, say my smile is like Marilyn Monroe’s and that she reminds them of me!! I think not!! I am not blonde but brunette and as I said they have to be blind!! LOL!! I don't see it at all. I have olive skintone and am a brunette as I said with honey gold highlights. So not at all in the mold of Marilyn unfortunately.

Have a Sonic Burger for me, ok, since we don’t get them here!!

Glad your tummy is doing well and you sound like you have been doing good lately…good news!!

Jackie : I felt so badly to hear about your sister’s dog. How negligent that your sister’s husband let him out in an unfenced yard. The poor little thing. It is heartbreaking. Having gone thru a loss of a dog I know how you and everyone feels.

I am sorry to hear about your husband having the spells you described. That is very scary. I am so glad you made an appt for him. He is in my prayers as you are. I agree with Amy, it may be due to the meds perhaps?

Thanks for asking about the fatigue I was experiencing a few days ago. In typical peri fashion, now I seem to have more energy!! It is a roller coaster isn’t it???

When you said Gidget, that is what I would picture for you too..Sandra Dee!! Those movies were great, have all 3 of them.

When you mentioned Osteopenia, I wanted to tell you, that is very common and doesn't mean full blown osteoporosis. I have osteopenia in my ankle, it is just a reduced bone density and that is what was on the report when I had an xray in that area and it is something we probably all have in some degree at this point in various areas. My mother in law took Fosmax and it worked miracles for her. Also I have a friend who had a hysterectomy in her early 40s and she had to go on Fosmax as she had full blown osteoporosis and she is now 54 and doing so well…she has had no problems with the drug and it has obviously helped her.

You have had a very stressful time of it lately and please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hellas :
Hope you are having stress free days and doing well.

Hi to everyone else and everyone have a good night's sleep tonight.

Take care,

Hi Everyone,

I just read all the posts since I wrote on Friday and thought I would respond.

First of all, excuse aheadof time what I am sure might be a rambling message and thanks for listening. As I mentioned , with my Aunt's husband's situation I am just so beside myself for her. Talked to her twice today and her youngest son (34) who is my god \child and there are no words really to help them but at least they know I am "here" for them, although I wish it could be physically. As I mentioned before the dilemma is for me that we are going Dec 16th thru the 27th so will be there soon but sure did not expect this all to be happening now. If I went now I would only be able to go for 4 days and that would be hard then to leave them all of course. Work wise I cannot really leave now anyways. I know my husband is right that it is better to go when we planned and be there for a more extended time and we will be there for them then and do what we can at a distance now. know my aunt has her kids and grandkids there (12 total from 19 to 3)there so is not alone but since I have always been such a part of their family it is hard to not be there with them firsthand. They were all right there for me when my mother died years ago when I was only 22. My mother in law's condition right now is also tenuous and we may very well be going back there anyway if she worsens as she will be buried back there. This month in our family has always been a bad one..from when my mother died in late Nov so many years ago in 1976 and then a beloved uncle , my mom and my aunt's youngest brother died in 1987 in this month. So of course as we have said before one thinks of these times when those dates approach and now with this all happening. anyway, I know I am rambling on here. and I am probably am not making much sense so I will now go to your posts and answer them :

Diane : Thanks for your prayers and it means a lot that you are all there for me as you said and hope you all know I am there for you all.

So glad you got a Sonic burger and have to say I am craving cheeseburgers now hearing about them!! I think I am just going to go and have one tomorrow!! LOL!! It will not be legendary Sonic but it will have to do!! :)

WOW you have a busy week coming up but sounds like a fun one with the competition and then seeing your cute grandsons and your girls too. I may have missed this in your post but do they all live in Texas but just a different area? I wish my family lived within driving distance. The closest family we have in driving distance is 12 hours away in San Francisco and we do drive there at Thanksgiving, to my husband's aunt's who I am very close to also.

Have a good day tomorrow, Diane and thanks so much for the kind words. They mean the world to me.

Molly : You mentioned a women's mulit you are taking..what is the brand? I am with you in trying to minimize what I take and I know I do not take as much as everyone else but I have a hard time keeping up with what I do take!!

As you have read above I am pretty much a mess today. Maybe partly hormonal but just I know a big part is just feeling so badly for my aunt and feeling so helpless as we all do when someone we love is hurting.

Hope your weekend is going well and you have an ache free Monday

Jackie : Thanks for your prayers too Jackie and for the hug. Means a lot and is greatly appreciated.

I am so glad that the Damania is helping you. Again you amaze me with your knowledge of supplements!! You shoud write a book!! Really!! I have to say that side effect of peri/meno does concern me (loss of libidio, etc) as I have not had any problem with that and hope I don't. But I know from reading this board it is very common. Anyway, glad you are doing a "happy dance" tonight where that is concerned!! :) I am doing one for you also!!

Speaking of happy dances, I am sure you will be doing one this week if the "wicked witch" is flying on her broomstick to Europe!! So hopefully you will have a less stressful week. You deserve it!!

I really hate when the gyn said to you that the reason for the orgasm problems in peri and meno was due to just "getting older". I think that is a convenient thing they all throw at us about everything , you know? Interesting that as you said your had a very high urge before when you first started this whole peri business and now it is low. So obviously hormones are involved. I am very much as you described it with mine being very high so it would really be upsetting to me for it not to be otherwise so I do understand your frustration.

I read that your tummy was really bothering you after having a citrus type drink. I am not one that has ever been able to tolerate fruit juices or a lotof fruit real well either.

I am sure it will be hard to go into work tomorrow after a little vacation but hope you have a good first day back. I am wishing you a stress free week and much more "happy dancing"!!

Amy So glad to hear you are feeling a lot better. And that your period was so short lived, the best kind!!

You mentioned you home schooled your son and he now is in high school. My cousins homeschool their children and they are all doing so very well. One of them, like your son decided to go to a high school for her Junior and Senior year and she has adjusted so well and is so far advanced than her classmates too. I am always impressed with all of them when I am in their company. I really admire anyone who homeschools their children. Takes alot of dedication.

Hope you have a good night's sleep tonight and a wonderful day tomorrow, Amy.


Thanks for your thoughts about my fretting over not being there in town for my Aunt. You are right, Dec will be here quickly and a good friend of mine said today on the phone that if something does happen to my uncle then my Aunt will need me even more in a few weeks when we will be there as in the beginning everyone is all around but as a few weeks pass it is not as much and I will be able to help her regardless of when I go. I know she is right as are you but it is hard to be so far away as I know you know firsthand. Thanks for your prayers, it means a great deal.

Hope your daughter's ankle is doing better today.

Wow what a great idea heating rice bags and putting them under the sheets!! I get that chilled feeling too and have had the shaking that Amy described. I also know aside from peri that when I am real upset as I have been today I am always colder. We have a hot tub and I will be going in it tonight if it is not pouring out there, just to feel warm.

I am sorry to hear that you have such a long ride to the mobile park that you manage , I am sure that has to be a long haul back and forth and I hope you have good weather tomorrow when you go. We got a load of rain as you know on Friday and Sat and I am thinking you might have got snow?

In answer to your cramps question, I always had bad cramps too when I was a kid and even beyond. I found something recently that helped with pms and cramps and that is Women's Tylenol. I know a friend swears by Pamprin. Have not ever taken that though. As a kid I used to take motrin and use a heating pad and do still do that too.

Hope your tenderness as far as tooth is doing better.

Hellas/Faith As I said to Jackie I have the same problem iwth the citrus. Not tomato sauce though, that seems to be fine for me.

You said your Boyfriend left the other night after his visit...do you mean back to Greece? that has to be hard. I am sure it was wonderful to see him.

I have had the freezing chills too I am sorry to say and they are not fun. I had my thyroid checked and it is fine. So I do think it is another pesky peri and meno problem. I have not had hot flashes but the chills I do get. Comes at night for me too when I get them and I usually wear socks to bed as my feet get so cold. Not a very sexy ensemble!! LOL!!

Have a good day tomorrow and stay warm!!

Well everyone, getting this off to you now. You will not believe this as I do not, but as I write this just got a call that my husband's only blood uncle has died , which we did not expect . Knew he was in the hosptial and not doing well but did not expect it. So am staying strong for my husband tonight. Cannot believe all that is going on in a few weeks with different family members. Anyway, thanks for listeninig to all that is going on here. I am sure I rambled on much too much.

Take care everyone,

Hi gals! I'm still waiting on that call from Ray telling me Moonbeam won the trophy...LOL

Roxanne, one year we were having a huge Christmas party for Ray's customer's at our house, of course it was catered, so didn't have to worry about that, but I LOVE to decorate and especially for Christmas, go overboard, I'm sure none of you are surprised by that, I do that on just about everything I do!!! Anyway, I started decorating the house in Oct. for Christmas!!! LOL I do so much, that it just isn't worth it, to do it all and only enjoy it for a couple of weeks, as I spend several weeks just doing the decorating. I put up a 12' tree in the family room and a 9' tree in the formal area. Took me 3 days getting the trees fluffed just right...lol Anyway, it really helped me get into the mood and we had around 125 people show up for the party, man, that was the biggest party I have ever had. We always would have our Sunday School party at Christmas and averaged around 60 to 70, it was an experience, to say the least, but loads of fun. Since buying the ranch, we have sort of been in limbo for Christmas, it took 2 years to get our house completed at the ranch and now here I am, my first Christmas in my new house and I'm living in Houston, oh well, when we are finished in Houston I will really get back into it all. I started playing Christmas music about 3 weeks ago, because I was in such a down mood and it has really helped lift my spirits, so you might even try that!!! Like Amy said, Merry Christmas, Roxanne, go for it!!!

Do you guys think it is the change in the weather since we all seem to be achey? I can't totally blame it on that, because mine all started more in the middle of the summer, I am awful upon getting up in the mornings, but as I move around during the day it gets better, then as the evening comes on, here it comes with it. I can't take ibuprofen right now because of the surgery and I definately think it helps me a lot more than tylenol does.

Amy, I know Orecks aren't cheap, but they sure are worth the money to me. I didn't buy all of mine at once. Just added one here and there, really they are so light weight I could get by with just one for the ranch house, they are not hard to carry up the stairs at all. My brand new one, is really great, it is even self-propelled, but they are so lightweight that isn't something you have to spend money on, my other 2 are very easy on the back, too.

Molly, I wanted to mention to you that just about all of the mattresses in our house are new and good ones, but I am like you...still wake up achey feeling every morning. When we leased the condo, Ray layed across the bed and said okay, the first thing we are doing is buying a good mattress, I told him to let me go to Linen's and Things and get one of those 2" memory foam pads to go on top of it and it is wonderful!!! I want to get one for our pillow top mattress at the ranch I like it so much. I am still achey, but I do believe it has helped me to a degree and I love the way it feels to my body. Anyway, something to think about. They aren't cheap, but if you have a 20% off coupon it is definately worth giving it a try, just be sure to get at least a 2" one.

Hey, Jackie! The only thing missing yesterday were the bon bons...LOL Hope you are having a much better day today and it is FRIDAY!!!! And you are off for Thanksgiving, whoo hoo, at least there is something to look forward to for you!

Julie, I too, have purchased a piece of clothing that is alittle too small and use it as my tool to get some weight off! It does seem to help...I haven't gotten my french wire earrings yet, but if there is anyway between now and Tuesday, I'm gonna do it...lol I am getting a little anxious about the upcoming surgery on Tuesday, but trying to not let myself dwell on it too much, or I could really get myself worked up and there is no need to do that (I'll keep telling myself that)!!!

Hi, Conni, yep, I'm in a cow contest...LOL Looked so funny to me reading that in your post, Ray is there right now, I'm anxiously awaiting his call to tell me how she has done, I just don't want him to be disappointed!!!

Our company called and his surgery went well and they were so appreciative to stay at our condo, so I'm glad it all worked out, they said they were only 10 minutes away from his surgery Dr., I'm glad we could help them out! Like we have all stated, sometimes we need a kick in the rear end to get motivated to really clean good and I had to be doing it anyway since my sister is coming Monday, and I won't be able to clean for awhile after the surgery (told Ray it could be months...lol)!!!

Well, guys, I better get back with it, since I was a bum yesterday, I am doing double time today, but that's how it goes, isn't it?

Decided to just edit this post, Ray just called and MoonBeam won second!!! Felt sorry for him, she lost by 2/8th's of an inch, can you believe that? Her horns are almost 71" from tip to tip, she is 4 years old, so in the longhorn business that is considered awesome, as their horns continue to grow. I told Ray, third time is charm (she'll win first next year). She placed third last year, second this year, so next year she will have a pretty trophy to go with her pretty ribbons!!! Never thought I would give a hoot about how long some cow's horns are...LOL Just wanted to let you guys know!!!

Amy, if Ray had been at the Flea Market with me - I would have bought alot more (because he has money!) ha ha. Sorry, Diane - RAY is really in Italy - not with me!!! :D

You mentioned the front leg aches. There was a time during peri that mine hurt so bad - I would nearly cry :eek: I kept taking Tylenol but that didn't phase it. My GYN gave me enteric coated Naprosyn and it would make it quite hurting (as well as the cramps). He said it was caused from the uterus swelling and pressing on nerves in your legs or something like that. I know it nearly killed me!
Hey girls! Made it to the ranch safely and got here at a decent hour (for us), around 10:00 pm.

Molly, I had read your post right before we left Houston to head to the ranch regarding Tylenol PM, so on the way we stopped at a 7-11 for a quick break and they had a small packet of it, just a one dose type thing, it said to take both, so I did and I slept pretty darn good! Woke up once to pee and went right back to sleep...the part that REALLY shocked me is when I woke up this morning it was 9:50!!! I have not slept that late in years, I couldn't believe it. I never even heard Ray get up, he was up and already tending to cows, etc. way before I woke up!!! He went into town today and got me some more of it. Maybe if I can break this nonsleep cycle, I will get back to sleeping half way decent. When my back was at it's worse, the Dr. told me I had to break the pain cycle, so I am self diagnosing here and thinking I need to break the nonsleep cycle. The weird thing is my sister had given me several prescription sleeping pills while she was here and none of them worked! I had a couple of weird dreams, but for the most part sleep so well. I told Ray when we got into bed our bed (at the ranch) felt so wonderful, I kept talking and talking and he finally said, if you don't hush you aren't going to fall asleep, I told him I was trying to keep him awake until I felt sleepy, so his little noises wouldn't keep me awake...that is the last thing I remember, said my prayers and went to sleep. Hope it works again, tonight! Thanks for the suggestion, I never made it to thinking of the number 8...LOL

Amy, glad to hear your Mom has had her surgery and you are being a wonderful care giver! How long are they expecting the recovery period to be?

I really appreciate all of your prayers, too, just wanted to make sure I told you that!!!

Jackie, glad you found something to relieve your dry eyes! Did you have lasik surgery? I have trouble with dry eyes, too and wear contacts with mono vision...half the time I can't see worth a dang with them, but always wear them with I am out shopping, can't stand to mess with glasses, they drive me nuts!!! Ray had laskik about 4 years ago and has better than 20/20 vision now, his eyes were so bad he could not see his feet in the shower...so it has been a really neat deal for him, he still wears a weak reading glasses, but his far away is wonderful now! Now he knows what I really look like in the morning...hate that!!!

My back is okay today, but I haven't done much either! It's been wonderful...LOL Ray's working his hiney off and I'm laying around like I'm some sort of queen...now I'm feeling guilty....a little bit....lol

Hey, I had a sonic cheeseburger on the way here.....man, that sounds so good, I've only had a carton of yogurt today, so thinking about that has made me hungry!

Julie, hope you are better...be glad when you feel like posting!!! Hang in there!

We plan to get up and go to our little country church in the morning and hopefully, get a decent start heading back to Houston! Hate getting in really late, although with the time change it seems late if it's already dark!!!

Hey, Hellas, Nornie, Conni, Roxanne, and everyone else...how ya been? Hope all is okay with you guys!!!

Catch you guys later and again thanks for the prayers!!!!
Hi Amy and Diane,

Amy, glad things are going good with your mom! That in itself is an answer to our prayers. We'll continue to pray for you since you have a while to go before she's out of your hair! Going to a office Christmas party sounds fun. The only place they ever had one where Jerry has worked was at the Church. They paid for us all to go out to Fred Gang's and then we went over to the church secretary's house and swapped gifts and stuff - and it was really fun.

Diane, glad you got a good night sleep! That is wonderful. The only thing with me, is if I take any of those types of drugs, I feel hung over the next day and can't seem to wake up. You can take Benadryl and it has the same ingredients as the Tylenol PM - but without the Tylenol. But, if you have back aches, the Tylenol probably helps you with that too.

Well - I dont' think I"m going to have a rowdy Saturday night afternoon. I feel really yuck. Lots of days I start feeling bad, and I think that it may be the new multi vitamin that I am taking. But - how in the world could a multi vitamin make you feel bad?? :confused: I am not going to take it tomorrow just to see. It's hard to describe, but almost flu like. I have no energy at all now and I felt great this morning! These are really good vitamins and cost alot, so that would be the pits if it is the cause!

Diane, have you been eating bon bons while laying around? I can just see you in this long satiny robe and those high heel slippers with the furlike stuff around them, sitting there and calling your cats :) That's a funny thought!

I will check in later, and I hope we hear from Julie!

So GLAD to here from you! I've been praying for you, and hoping you were getting better. I don't know anyone with the lamps you are talking about, but have read many good things about them. Sometimes I'll just go stand in my southernmost window and stare into the sunshine and just stay there until I feel happier and warmer, so I can understand the need for this. I hope your antibiotic really kicks in so you can get some relief....I'll just keep praying.

You sound like your old self now that you've had a good night's sleep! You just keep taking that Tylenol PM until you've gotten a week's worth of sleep under your belt.

Well girls, we had barely gotten to Kevin's office party and I called my son to see how my Mom was doing (he stayed home with her) and he was sitting in the ER at the hospital because he had to take her there right after we left because her foot had started bleeding really bad. We didn't know what to do because we were an hour away, but they got the bleeding to stop and rebandaged her foot and everything turned out OK, but it's just par for the course. If you knew my Mother's history you would just be shaking your head right now. Somehow she banged her toe in the bathroom and threw the pin in her foot out of alignment and it must have hit a vein or something. Well, I need to try to get some sleep. Everyone have a good Sunday!
Hi, ladies! Well, the good night's sleep only lasted for that one night! Took the Tylenol PM (2 again) on Sat. night and was up all night long, same thing last night!!! I mentioned one time that I have ADD and am on medication for it, have been for 12 years. Decided to call my ADD Dr., because it seems nothing is right since my surgery...he asked it my last ADD script that I got via the insurance mail in program, was generic, I said, as a matter of fact, it was! I knew he never likes generic anything for ADD, so called them the day it came (right before my surgery) and they told me he had not specified "Brand necessary" on the script, that she had pulled it up and it was not on there, so they talked me into trying the generic. It never even dawned on me it could be that!!! ADD medication calms me down, and now, when I get into bed I cannot turn off my mind, it is just going, going, and almost gone...lol)! I cannot believe it didn't dawn on me it could be the generic stuff they gave me. Anyway, after being on the phone with the insurance, they pulled up my Dr.s script and said, well you are right, he did specify in his own writting "Brand Necessary"! Can you believe they just out and out lied to me when I first called them? Makes me irrate to think I have gone a month with sleep and it may be their fault!!! They are supposedly getting a new script to me ASAP. When my sister was here I kept telling her I was having problems concentrating and getting anything done, I just blamed everything on the anesthesia, I'm so glad I called my Dr., I sure hope that is the problem, it makes perfect sense to me. I have had trouble sleeping for quite some time with meno. and stuff, but never more that a few days in a row, never 4 weeks! Sorry, I needed to vent...

Molly, I had some of my regular ADD meds, still left when I got the generic, so I just mixed them all together and I bet you anything that the few nights I did sleep, this month, I was taking the med that was not generic, hard to believe! I also can't believe that I could take 2 tylenol pm's and be wide awake. One thing I have learned about ADD over the years is I am very tolerant to most any medication, always takes more for me that the average person, guess that's why the tylenol didn't leave me feeling hung over and then didn't work for me the next few times I tried it, either! I tried so hard last night to concentrate on the number "8"...for some reason a "Y" keep showing up in my mind...LOL Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I really appreciate it and all the prayers, I'm just thank the Lord I called my Dr. this morning. Ray and I have racked our brains to figure out anything I had done that was different, since the surgery...I told him, well, I'm taking some supplements I've never taken, and the vag. cream, but didn't start any of that until almost 3 weeks after the surgery, so couldn't be that...geeesh, I'm sorry got back on my rant...

Julie, so glad you feel some better, hope you just get better and better, we have missed you on here, that's for sure!!!

Conni, good to see you, too. Sorry you don't have much energy... you need to save up for your shopping....LOL

Jackie, I dont' know if I could stand the cigars and cigarettes, either! They make my sinuses act up. I grew up with both parents smoking, but after being away from it all these years, I can't take it anymore. Glad I never started that habit, because I am the kind that does everything to the extreme and I would probably smoke 5 packs a day or something!!! Good for you, that you were able to kick the habit, too!!!

Amy, how nice of your son...sorry your mom banged up her foot...how much longer in the hospital? Hope, you at least, got to enjoy getting out and away from it all, even if only for a few hours!!!

Hellas, hi! So you are in the "war room"...LOL Hope you are doing well, missed you not being on here for a couple of days, too! Maybe I am going to get the right medication and be back on her regularly...I need something to line me out, I can't seem to accomplish a darn thing!!!

Ya'll regarding the natural light lamps, I bought one about 2 1/2 years ago to do my needle work on my kids and grandkids Christmas stockings, I was making, they give out great light, but as far as making me feel better, I don't really think so. In fact, my sitting under that light for 3 months, almost nonstop (remember I tend to over-do anything and everything) is what the Dr. thinks got my back into the pain it is in now. I would sit for hours and not move from that spot, then all of a sudden my back was just killing me! He said it didn't cause the disc problem, just sparked the pain off...so now I have 7 stockings that are all 3/4's done, maybe one of these days, I will finish them, but not sit for hours on end like that ever again!!! The things we do to ourselves!!!

Where is Roxanne? Haven't seen a post from here in awhile, don't think I missed one....

Ya'll take care and thanks for listening, I'm so glad my Dr. asked me about the medication, I don't think it would have ever even dawned on me, it could be that!!!! :rolleyes: