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absolutely NO motrin as it will take away the clotting factors that you need for this to remain stable and not bleed any further.Motrin is also contraindicated for ANY type of a head injury or any injury that has severe bruising/bleeding under the skin.For pain(if there is actually any) use tylenol as needed.placeing ice on the affected area as soon as possible is usually the best way to keep the swelling and bruising to a minimum,but unfortunetly,if it is not done almost immediately off and on throughout most of the first day of the actual injury,it 'may" still help somewhat?but no where near as effectively as it is when done asap post injury.How hard did he hit?was he knocked out at all or seem at all confused right after he impacted?Or was this just one of those little boy "bounces' off a piece of furniture?both my boys spent their early childhood always looking like they just went three rounds in the ring.god, the bruises on their legs were so bad sometimes that I was afraid to take them to the dang dr,thinking she would just assume I was at home beating the heck out of my children.

if your son seems okay today then he probably did not do any big damage and just needs to take things a bit easier today,and just watch him a bit more closely.but Unless someone else has any great ideas,I really think your son will be just showing his 'battle scars" on his BD pics tomorrow.hope all is well.sorry I couldn't be of much help.just make sure to never ever give motrin for any type of a head injury whatso ever,K?marcia