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Anyone have any suggestion on how to deal with this?
I was diagnosed with serve Endo last summer. My doctor now acts like if I request pain med I should then just take Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I take way to much of it. I know I will get liver damage. If I don't have it already. And Ibuprofen doesn't help. Stronger pain med are the only thing that helps me at all. And even they don't always help. The standard treatment for Endo is pain meds or b/c pills. I can't take b/c pills and my doctor told me a hysterectomy wont help me. And I haven't even had children yet. I'm sick of having to feel bad for asking for pain meds. I have been to many different doctors all with the same attitude. I get a different story every time I talk to my doctor about this. He once even told me he wasn't "allowed" of write an rx for over a few pills. I can't live like that. I have pain almost everyday of the month! I feel bullied every time I go to the doctor for help. I'm starting wonder if it is just where I live or is this a common problem with other Endo suffers. Any suggestions or advice would be great.
Hi Fairy,

Do you have a primary doc in addition to your gyn?
If so, have you talked to the primary abt the pain and the gyn's attitude?

Either way, I would suggest getting a referral for a 2nd opinion.
Having "been there, done that" keep in mind that endo is going to be with
you for a long time and you can't waste any of that time with someone who doesn't feel comfortable treating chronic pain.

After my hyst (even ovaries) the endo came back--I had a very understanding gyn who helped me thru it, but even she suggested pain mgmt.

Ibuprofen is the only nsaid I can take, alergic to all the new stuff, but you still have to be careful with how much ibu and tylenol you take.

Again--if your current gyn won't help you, find a new one.

Did I see in a prev post that you've already had the laparoscopy? Did this dr do it?
If so, what if further down the road you go for the hyst--how much help are you going to get with pain mgmt post op? And what if (not trying to scare you, but stuff occurs) you have any complications? Like me--4 yrs post op from the hyst and still having pain, adhesions most likely....

sorry to ramble--I get frustrated when I see dr's too scared to properly treat their patients....
Good Luck, good thoughts are with you,
man, i can feel your pain about being dismissed and told to take advil to tylenol. That is how i was treated by several doctors untill i fouind my doctor now. I think you need to look around for a different doctor who will fulfill your needs and have a little moe compassion for your pain. Preffable a younger doctor who is more versed in mondern pain managments techniques. Like my doctor now, is a resident and prescribes me strong pain medicine becasue she knows that the stigma surroound oppiates is not true. I wish you the best of luck!