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Your story could be mine. Try Tylenol PM at night for the pain.
One advil works pretty well for me. I try not to take it unless I can't sleep... I don't usually need any sleep assistance. I'll keep the Tylenol PM in mind if the advil doesn't work anymore.

I just got a craniosacral massage and the therapist told me my head bones were all off balance. She spent the bulk of the hour trying to shift everything back into place. I wish I could remember the technical name of the bone that was particularly out of whack. It was the back of my head, near my neck. While she was working on me I could feel all sorts of things shift everywhere -- in my mouth, in my head. She said she saw my legs and feet twitching as she worked on me. I remember wiggling them at some point, so I don't know if that's what she saw. I was kindof out to lunch during the session.

I don't know if this is going to help my muscle aching. She said that she sees these patterns with people who have had bigtime stress or an automobile accident. She said she was in an auto accident, which affected the same part of her head and that she felt very off-balance afterwards, like she couldn't coordinate her legs very well.

I'd love to think this will fix me and I won't have any more problems. I'm feeling okay right now, but still have a slight twinge of weakness in my legs and a "tender spot" on my left arm. She said that the work she did will continue to "heal" over the next 4 days. So I'll see how I feel during that time... will post if I start feeling better.

Since you are dealing with similar symptoms, please keep me updated on your efforts to get better -- just post to this thread.