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The stereotactic core biopsy is done if the lump is not easily accessible and cannot be felt with the human hand. It takes about an hour. When I went they had me lie on a table on my stomach with my breast in question hanging through a hole. They were very compassionate, both the radiologist and the techs and I have heard similar stories from other women. They compressed it like they do in a regular mammogram which actually is a blessing because the compression stops the blood from circulating as well so you feel less pain.
When they numbed it all I felt was pressure and I am not exaggerating at all. When they first went in I felt a pinch bad enough to make me say ouch. They apologized and said they would give it a minute or two longer. They did and I never felt anything other than pressure again. When they were done the tech had to compress it with a gauze pad for about 10 minutes, then they bandaged it and I was free to go. If I did not take extra strength tylenol around the clock for those first 24 hours I would start having pain, but by the next day I didn't even need that. The results came in within two days.

I am 46 and may be in peri, but no doctor has told me that and I have had no hot flashes, so probably not.

Good luck and let us know what they decide to do.