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December 17 will make two months that I have been having problems. I have posted before in the headaches and TMJ sections.

In October I began having headaches when I found out I had a viral infection and sinusitis. I was on a steroid pack for 2 weeks. The first week helped but the second did not. My doctor said they seemed like sinus problems. When I say I had headaches it was more of a pressure type of feeling or ache. All on the left side by my jaw, ear, back of head and temple. I scheduled an appointment with a neuro for two weeks later. Right before I was about to go I began having toothaches. I went to the dentist and he diagnose me with TMJ. I was given a splint to use at night which did help my jaw and ear pain. I still am having the head feelings though. My dentist told me to cancel the neuro appointment and let the splint have time to work. So now I am taking Tylenol Allergy Complete and it does help when I take it. But when it wears off I have like an achey, pressury feeling in one spot right where my hair line meets from my forehead to the top of my head. Also the top of my nose hurts sometimes and where you would have sinus problems like your cheeks and above your eye. I have done research online and everything leads back to a brain tumor. I am 17 years old and have no other health problems or symptoms. My parents think I am just very paranoid about the brain tumor information I found and said I should just wait a little more to see how the Tylenol Allergy Complete works. I am just so worried that it is a brain tumor because everything on the internet points to that. I really would like some of your opinions on this. Please comment back.
go to the neurolgist. 2 monthsa is a very short time. the chance of a brain tumor is incredibly slim. tylenol won't cure a brain tumor neither will worrying about it. tmj may or may not be a factor. if you have a root canal or impacted wisdom tooth it could be the culprit.