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I took a Tylenol caplet about 7 hours ago and as I swallowed it was sideways and got stuck about halfway down my throat at that point where the two sides of your collarbone meet. It's not really affecting my breathing at all but it's just an annoying feeling. I thought it would dissolve on it's own but it hasn't. I've since eaten a beef dinner, had a hot drink, and even taken another Tylenol and all of those went down fine, but that first caplet is still stuck there. I'm hoping it'll go away in my sleep, but if it doesn't are there any suggestions or do I just have to wait it out?
Okay, well, after 7 hours, it would not still be there. Tylenol is supposed to be taken every 4-6 hours, and during that time it releases the medicine into your system, so there's really no way it would still be whole and stuck in your throat after a number of hours.

I'm with everyone else - what you still felt after 7 hours was just where the pill irritated your throat on the way down. But it would have dissolved long before 7 hours.

I know the feeling you're talking about though. I once took some pills (I can't remember if it was Tylenol or what exactly) and they got stuck in my throat and the pain was something I had never felt before, it was horrible! It lasted all day, and I just had to try to sleep until it felt better.

You could also try drinking some hot tea with honey -- that'll soothe any sore throat!