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Sorry you are suffering so, and yes there are others of us with all of that and some with more. However, that does not make your pain any less. It is a lot to handle.

May I suggest you consider a couple of things that have been successful for me. First, it sounds like you have found a primary to deal with fibro, and as you know that can make all your other symptoms so much more difficult to handle. Finding a doctor who will actually diagnose and treat Fibro is a major accomplishment, so be sure that your other doctors work well with your doctor who treats your fibro. My primary is an Osteopathic (DO) and for me that has been a life saver. He is so careful to ensure that whatever flares up, the medications he or the others prescribe, will not make everything else worse. It does take more of his time, but it has saved me a LOT of suffering, so be sure that your spine doc and any others you see will keep your primary informed of what they find and prescribe. Even, call his nurse after a reasonable time following seeing the spine doc and ask if there has been any communications, or see the primary if you are not responding or if you are having other flare-ups. It is worth another visit if it prevents set-backs and suffering.

Secondly, I can also sympathize with the knees being a problem. After my last spine surgery (10 level fusion), a year ago I had to stay off arthritis meds for 7 months, and my body wasn't going to handle that too well. The spine doc recommended that I take the brand name triple strength Glucosamine/Chondroitin to help. Checked with both my primary and my cardiologist, and they said it was safe for me and the primary said it might keep the fibro in check. It worked wonders for me (but it did take a month for me to tell it had kicked in although some can see a difference right away). It did so well, that when the ortho told my ailing mother that she needed double knee replacement surgery, I asked him and then her cardiolgoists (each of them as they are more specialized than spine docs) and the primary. They all declared it was safe for her as well. Her heart cannot tolerate knee replacement and she still wants to go, so she also started taking the same brand as I. It has worked so well that we've been able to cut back on her pain medications and she seldom complains with the knees and is able to walk more than before.

I don't recommend that anyone with something like fibro take any OTC meds without first checking with your doc. Consider speaking with yours and if you prefer not to take pills, the good news is that this now comes in a liquid form you can put in juice, and it also comes prepackaged in small cans of juice that some places like Sam's Clubs and Wal-Mart stock in the pharmacy areas. Don't recall the brand, but it is called Joint Juice. Cute huh?

Don't know what all you have tried for pain meds, but with my fibro, I've found that many of the stronger meds don't work as well as some of the lesser meds. Not sure why that happens, but also have allergic reaction to many of the stronger meds. Have found that Ultram works well for me, as it works like a narcotic, but it is NOT a narcotic. Now, people who have had any kind of problem with addiction to other strong meds can get addicted to it, but those who have not had such a problem are considered rather safe from having a problem with Ultram. Tried the Ultracet which is a lesser strength mixed with Tylenol, but that didn't work at all for me, as Tylenol does not help me at all. But, if you have not tried Ultram you might speak with your doctor and see if it might work better on your pain with the fibro. I also use the Lidoderm pain patches for specific spots, and those, but not the generics, work very well for me, so I'm not even using much in the oral meds now.

Hope some of this will work for you.

As for depression, it seems that some doc's jump on that when you don't come in all chirpy. Hurting is not depression, and years ago I got rid of my primary who kept saying I seemed depressed when I came in with Migraines. Being in pain was enough without him trying to make me feel worse. The final straw came when he prescribed Elavil and didn't tell me that it was for depression, and I came in concerned because I cried at funny things, laughed at serious things and there I was driving and couldn't even tell where my feet were. It was only then that he said I couldn't just stop taking it, but would have to be weaned off the medication. I not only stopped it right then, but never went back to him, and began researching medications and anything I was diagnosed with. In a way, he did me a favor, or I would not have the DO I have today. BTW, not once has my primary I've now seen for nearly 20 years, ever suggested that my feeling rotten and being in pain was depression. Once he did ask, when I said that I was sick and tired or feeling so sick, if I felt I was depressed. I quickly said NO, and that I did not feel that being tired of being sick and wanting to feel normal again was depression and he agreed. Never has he suggested depression or medication for such, and always says he is amazed how my drive in spite of the health. I just wish that more doctors could tell the difference, as you might agree.

Just know that there are people here who fully grasp what you are going through, even if sometimes a doctor doesn't. Yell out, vent and say hello often - we need to do the same thing!

Hope you are feeling better soonest and have a much better year ahead.