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How does one ask the doctor for a better pain or more potent medication that actually gives me relief without making the doctor think I am just trying to get meds. I used to work as a Paramedic and I always used to see people that didnt have real injuries start asking Docs for meds by name and if always seemed to me that they were faking it and seeking meds. I have the MRI to prove my injury but I just feel uncomfortable asking for meds by name.

Hows ultram? anyone on that with any good pain relief? of should i just ask him for flat out for something like percocet. Im getting sick of the pain and have recently started an anti-D to help with my mental well being. Seems to be working so far but of course, that doesnt cut the pain.

Have alot of you become tolerant to your pain medications and had to ask for something stronger? I see a Pain Management Dr. Who I have expressed the fact that I dont really like the idea of becoming dependant on narcs/opiates but they are the ones that work for me. I have also expressed my concerns on how we are going to get me off these things once it is time. This whole back stuff just sucks doesnt it? I feel all your pain and realize my problem is minor to most of yours. Just trying to figure all this stuff out.....

Thanks again.

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I guess I going to call the doc in the morning but I bet he wont call me back till monday, I have actually gone to the ER due to the pain being unbearable but they made me feel like an idiot too. Has anyone ever experinced that too?

Anyway, Hope all of you have a great weekend and a safe New Years.

Once again, Thanks again for any input anyone has. Ths site rocks! You are all so helpful!


Depends partly on how comfortatable you are with your doc and how honest you feel you can be with them. Fortunately, my osteopath and my spine specialists are both easy to speak opening with, and they've made it clear that someone in pain is tensed and cannot heal properly. Now, that being said, of course every person reacts differently to each medication, and personally I prefer a non-narcotic so that I can function, but will take a narcotic if that is what will work.

As for Ultram, if you have read the PDR and other medicationi texts, it works much like a narcotic but is not a narcotic. However, some people who have either had a problem with addiction or who are predisposed to addiction can get addicted even to Ultram. I did try Ultracet which contains tylenol and a little less of the pain medication, but is supposed to work like the Ultram. It did not work for me when I tried it, and the doc had no problem prescribing the Ultram, but they insist that I keep Lortab 10 on hand for the worse times.

In order to function, I use the Lidoderm patches (not the generics as I've not had good results with several generics) and Ultram. Now, it is mostly the patches. Some think the patches are more of a mind thing, as of course it is absorbed through the skin. However, it goes deeply enough and with the Ultram some days, I do great. Neither of these meds work for some people and only something like percocet or similar will work.

You know how you respond to medications better than anyone else, so just be honest with the doc (I don't deal with PM's) and if you are dealing with a spine specialist that is willing to treat their patients from beginning to end, then deal with the specialist who understands spine pain far better than a PM. Try explaining you need relief of the pain and are more than willing to take as little strength as possible, but relief is most important so you can rest and recover. A good doctor will be more than willing to work with you and if a med is not working then you should be able to call the nurse and say a prescription is not working and ask that the doctor phone in something stronger (perhaps you can talk about that when you see the doctor) to the pharmacy so that you do not have to wait on an appointment.

If your spine specialist isn't willing towork with you, then maybe you should consider finding a better spine specialist.

Best wishes and hope you have relief from pain soon.