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Ladies, I know that some of you are have different recoverys with your hysterectomy. I would like to share mine with you.

For the last 2 1/2 years I have had PAINFUL cycles. We were stationed in Korea for 2 years and the doc there were like take some motril, (cure of all ailments) according to the military. So the pain had gotten so bad that I would have my typical 5 day period, but 1 week before I was in pain and almost 2 weeks after I was still in pain. I had no idea what was wrong. So needless to say I was finding ways to numb it by drinking and popping tylenol and motrin.

We finally moved back to the states and the pain had lesson for 2 cycles then it started back up again. I wasn't under any stress untill it started back up again. I saw a doc in Jan 2005 nothing, then for a pap in Jun nothing, finally in Oct I ended up in the emergency room, cause my boss sent me home and the PA took down my symtoms and put a request in for an ultra sound. The tech found something and then the prossess began for me to go off post.
I had a laparoscopy and found that my rectum and uterus were fused together by the endo. I was shocked :eek: I couldn't believe after all this time It was a simple answer. Only because all the signs and test made it sound and look as if I might have cancer. I was really scared up until then. But I give props to my off post doc and especially that PA Nurse who took the time to help me get the results,before it got worse.

My doc off post couldn't belive that I was living with such pain. Now I am feeling alot better and at this moment I would be suffer on my period if it was n't for the hysterectomy. I think the only thing I wished was taken away as well is the sweeling of my breast., But I can handle that, plus DH likes it. So for those who think they should put it off, you shouldn't it will better your liffe and you will actually heal faster. I forgot I had a TAH. I was able to keep my ovaries , I also have to tell you that at 4 weeks post-op I am very horny and the sex drive is still there baby!!!!!
Good luck to all