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are you seeing an actual PM doc or is this just the Rxing doc?most PMs are aware of the actual benefits of patients like you who are needing constant pain med relief of getting you onto a long acting med like oxycontin,or ms contin.I do think since you are actually needing this medication several times a day it would really make sense for your doc to place you onto the oxycontin instead of having you constantly taking alot of short acting meds during the day.also there is the tylenol issues.Since the percs are working,i really do think that if you speak with your doc about this he/she may decide that a long acting med would really really make much more sense.all it is is a long acting form of the percs you are already taking now.some docs are a bit leary of actually rxing the OC,for really stupid reasons,but honestly,you have much less chance of becomming addicted to the long acting version of oxy than using the short acting.it just gives the initial release which is followed by short releases throughout an eight to twelve hour period.though the med manufacturer states that this med should last the full twelve hours,most people,like myself,get only anywhere from eight to ten at best.but that depends entirely on the type of pain you are trying to control and how your body actually metabolizes it.i do think this option would really be the best way to go for you.marcia