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After any major surgical procedure, please let your doctor know if the pain meds are not working for you.

Some doctors try to go with the least amount possible when it comes to meds, but others like my spine specialist want to medicate sufficiently so that the patient can heal. My spine doc says that if I am in pain, then I cannot heal properly while tensed with pain, so fusses at me when I don't want to take lots of meds. It's not that I want to hurt, but don't want to feel that I am a zombie either, so thankfully he is good about changing medication if I am unhappy with the meds.

Definitely, you don't need to be in lots of pain, and not every pain medication works the same on every individual. However, Lorcet is a lower dose of the pain medication mixed with tylenol, and while it can work as well as the stronger version for some individuals, it evidently was not sufficient for you. Never hesitate to let your doctor or his staff know when something is not working, so they can change your medication.

As you are going for a fusion, I would suggest you speak honestly with your doctor about how little the pain medicine worked last time and ask what he plans on giving you this time. I'd want to know before hand, if that's all they gave you before.

Best wishes and let us know how you are doing.