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I have a daughter who will be 20 next week. She has always been great kid and never given us any real problems (aside from the usual teen stuff). When she was about 15 she commented that her brain was racing and that she couldn't quit thinking even in her sleep. We passed it as stress and didn't really think much of it. She still seemed normal and her grades and social life seemed normal. As the years went by she seemed to get bored easily, fidgeting through movies and wanted to stay on the go to the point where her grades started slipping. I know at this point you might be thinking of drug involvement, but she detests drugs and aside from an occasional Tylenol won't take ANYTHING. We did find out that she was smoking cigarettes and even admitted to me that she had tried marijuana. By this time she was 18 and probably most teens have tried it by then. Now she is having muscle twitches in her hands and arm that is pretty constant. She sleeps a lot (when possible). If she sits still (like in church or class) she falls asleep unless it is she is actively participating. Her periods are irrregular and her moods are pretty erratic. Are any of these symptoms related? I am at my wits end. The muscle twitches bother me thinking there might be brain or neurological involvement. She has an appointment this week with our family doctor just to get some blood work done initially. I don't know where else to start. I would really appreciate any advice or information from anyone of what this could be!! Thanks