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:eek: I am 44 years old and for a couple of years I have experienced, on and off having hot flushes as I call them during the time I am waiting for my period to arrive. Could I be having Perimenopause symptoms and Premenstrual symtoms at the same time? I suffer from extremely tender breasts before my period, moodiness etc. This seems ridiculous to me. I have experienced my cycle getting shorter for the last year but this last one arrived on day 30..go figure. My periods have gotten more painful to the point of waking me up at night as soon as the ibuprofen and tylenol leave my system. What is happening to me? I dread my period coming. I have had an ablation about 5 years ago for heavy peiods but it never stopped my period from coming, I still get it and it is painful. My backaches, my uterus hardens like a rock and sometimes my hips or thighs ache too. Can anyone tell me what's going on?