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djl - I think you are right... This disease is still so confusing to the medical proffessionals... it seems like there are so many differing theories. I did say that I was told endo didn't cause cysts, but could grow in big masses. I guess that could be considered a cyst by some though? SO confusing...

Molly - my symptoms were bad abdominal cramping when I had my periods at first, but nothing that ever caused me the need to see a doctor or anything like that. Then I had an infection in my uterus... During the infection I had incredibly horrible abdominal cramps. Well, they said this was caused by the infection. However, as the infection cleared up...the cramps and bleeding stayed. My doctor ended up doing a laproscopic (to agree with djl on your other question, endo can ONLY be diagnosed FOR SURE by your doctor performing a laproscopic surgery and seeing it growing inside of you) surgery to see what was going on. Well, she found that I had a lot of endometriosis growing as well as scar tissue from earlier endo cells. She lasered off what she could get to and I was told that my pain was being caused by the endometriosis and/or the scar tissue that was inside of me. My question for my doctor was why was I all of a sudden having problems. It was clear to them by the amount of endo growing that I have had this condition for quite a long time and until that time had no real symptoms, at least not very bad ones. That is the thing about endo... some women have a lot of endo growing inside of them and NEVER know, they never have any symptoms. Others have even just a few cells growing and are in excruciating pain. It just depends. My doctor believes that my endo was "dormant" and that my uteran infection triggered the cells and they starting doing their thing and causing me pain on a DAILY basis. This was 6 years ago.

To answer your sex question, yes, I find sex extremely painful. Thankfully I am not in a relationship right now so I don't have to worry about it. But I have had two serious relationships since my diagnosis and it sex has been an issue. It always hurts. Sometimes different positions don't hurt as badly but it is always hurts at least a little. Which sucks... It has caused some serious strife in relationships that I have had. No matter how understanding your partner is, it is still frustrating.

You also asked if nothing helps me... Well nothing has been able to stop my symptoms if that is what you mean. Some women are able to use the different treatments (normally hormone treatments) with success and are able to eleviate their pain taht way for long periods of time. I had no such luck as I could NOT tolerate Lupron which is one of the popular methods of treatment for endo. It made me miserable with horrible side effects and ended up making my endo symptoms worse! I am on depo provera right now. It does NOT do anything for my daily pain but what it DOES do is stop my periods. I have horrible cramping every day of the week, but when I would get a period I would have as I call it "pass out" pain, where it was literally unbarable and I would just pass out it hurt so bad. So the depo does help because I dont' have to deal with that time of the month anymore. My doctor also told me that the depo helps to slow or even stop the growth of endo cells as well. So hopefully it is helping in that regard as well and I am not growing whole new batches of endo. I will most likely end up having a hysterectomy, which I said before, unfortunately is not even guaranteed to stop the pain. But it is the best chance. However, my doctors will not do one for me right now because I am only 29 and have not had any children. They don't even want to discuss a hysto unless I am at least 35 and then if I am still single and have decided I don't want kids, they will talk about doing on at that time. Until then my gyno has referred me to a pain management clinic. I just started with them about a month or so ago... Up until that point I had been taking vicodin or percocet for the past six years. It used to help a lot but unfortunately having been on it for SO long I have built up a HUGE tolerance to the typical pain killers and taking 4 percocet (oxycodone) was like taking a tylenol to me. It didn't help AT ALL anymore. Even oxycontin wouldn't work that well for me because all it is is time released oxycodone. I had been miserable for about six months because none of the pain meds were working anymore. I thought I was at the end of the line and was going to end up suffering in mind numbing pain for the next six years. But my pain managment doctor has put me on methadone and it works INCREDIBLY well for me. Better than the other stuff EVER did. And it doens't make me all drugged out feeling, I can work, drive, spend time with friends, excercise, etc... ALL while on this med. It's been great. AND I'm able to take a low dose (40mg) of it too where I used to have to take a ton of the other stuff which was rough on my tummy.

So... I hope I answered all the questions you asked me? Sorry this is so long!!! :)