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Molly, :wave:

You asked what weights I was using...mine are 4lbs and I think I need to up it. I went to Jazzercize today again (have been doing that every Sat since 2 Sat. ago) in addition to going to the gym during the week and I didn't have weights with me and borrowed some and they were heavier and I could handle them so I think it might be time to do that.

I did notice when we did some abdominal work that I had an easier time and was not using my neck but my core so I think that is getting stronger and that is all good of course for our backs.

Glad to hear your aches and pains are less. I too take an OTC med and it is extra Strength Tylenol when my back acts up, it is the only thing that helps. Thanks for all the info and the continued support!!

Take care,