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The drug reference book that docs use (the PDR) has an online site. I'm not sure if non-professionals can access it or not, but they do have a drug ID section that shows pics of all the drugs out there. You can also look up a drug according to the ID info stamped on the tablet (that's what you were describing). As stated by someone else, you had 2 different generic brands of the same drug. Some docs will NOT prescribe generics b/c of the difference in quality that you've described. Unfortunately, non-generics cost so much more that a lot of insurance companies won't pay for the brand-name drug unless there is no generic available. That leaves the poor patient between a rock & a hard place!

If you find that one generic brand of vicodin is not effective for you, I'd suggest talking to your pharmacist and requesting that he/she not use that particular generic for you. I've found that most pharmacists are very helpful if they can be. The other possibility is that you ask your physician to request ON THE SCRIPT that the specific brand that doesn't work not be used to fill the Rx.

I had the same experience years ago w/ Ultram & Soma. I was on both & switched pharmacies. The brands that they used to fill both my scripts did not work at all! I was in agony for a month until I could get a new script. I might as well have been taking Tylenol! I immediately went back to my old pharmacy!


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