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Well, I can't believe this, kind of embarrassing but here goes.

Yesterday, I went to work with my husband and helped him with his job, well, there was alot of going up and down stairs, so I ran up the stairs and ran down the stairs, all day long, I was having fun until I got home last night. I did all of this today too, but not as fast, as I could barely get up the stairs, ooohhhhh the pain.

About two hours after we got home yesterday, I could barely stand, all of my muscles were sore, and they are still sore today.

I work out everyday for 1 hour in the gym and what I did yesterday and today killed me.

I took a long hot bath last night, I had the heating pad on me. I never put any kind of creams on.

Should I put some kind of cream on my legs tonight, IcyHot or anything.

I have taken, Advil Liquid gels yesterday and the pain didn't subside. This morning I took 2 aleve and they didn't help, tonight I took tylenol rapid gels and they don't seem to be working.

Is there anything that anyone can tell me to do. I have even tried to stretch and I can only stretch to a point where I start seeing stars.

Yes this is embarrassing because I do work out all of the time and I can't walk straight so people are staring at me thinking there is something wrong with me when really it is just alot of pain, I guess I am a wimp.

Thanks. :rolleyes:
Well, I went through my medicine cabinet and found I had some tylenol 3 from 6 months ago when I was dealing with some kidney stones, so I took one of them about an hour ago and it hasn't seemed to help with pain, but has made me tired.

So I am going to bed and hopefully tomorrow morning I will feel better.

Thanks for your posts, I will definitely keep up with the baths and I am going to try to go work out tomorrow, or should I stay away from the gym for 1 day.