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hello and sorry to here that you are in pain,try to keep moving as there are alot of studies that show lots of bed rest actually makes things worse. it sounds like you might have a disc problem, do you have shooting pains down one or both of your legs???, or just the back pain? when i first hurt myself two years ago i never thought i would have a big problem, i figured i just pulled a muscle in my back, i tried those heated bandages, icy hot, bengay, ect... there was no relief. i also tried all different over the counter drugs like tylenol, alive, motrin, ect.. give it a few days and see if you feel better, try these different things and you may get relief. if this does not work i would suggest you go to your primary physician and hell redirect you to a doctor who can help. if you get no relief from trying things yourself the docs will try physical therapy to help stregnthin your back, they will also probably start you on anti inflamitories, then if that does not work they will reckomend you try a series of nerve block injections.(epidurals) now also by that time you should have already had an xray and mri done. basically the docs will try all conservative treatment first before they consider an operation to fix the problem. now im not saying you will go that far, i dont even know if you have disc problems, ect, but im just letting you know what the steps are in a herniated disc problem. now if it is a disc herniation and you have those epidurals, keep a positive out look they dont work for eveyone but i have heard alot of people say they felt 100% after the series of 3. if none of this works and you have doctors saying there is a significant problem that should be addressed then do yourself a favor and find a spine specialist, wheather he is a ortopedic or a neuro surgeon, just make sur he specializes in the spine and thats it, also make sure he has alot of training- fellowship ect... good luck with your problem and im only telling you all this because " excpect the worst and you wont be disappointed" get yourself an xray and mri then take it from there, but try those over the counter pills and creams and patches, i wish you the best of luck... :wave: