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I couldnt remember the address of this board (there are so many out there!) but finally found it again.
I posted in November about pain due to herniated and bulging discs. Well I started PT and so far there is a little improvement. My doctor also prescribed me Tylenol 4. Im worried about taking this. I have been taking it almost every day for a couple months now. I usually take 2/day but on bad days 3 or 4. Im afraid I will become addicted to this or get withdrawals when I stop taking it. I wonder if I should just discontinue it. I lived with this pain for a year before I went to the doc about it. I feel I might just be spoiling myself now. When I get pain I take one, when before I didnt have that option and just had to live with it. If I could stand it before then I can again; I guess the problem is it is so nice to not be in pain that I rarely have the willpower to just tough it out and not take a pill. Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks!
I have had a history of back problems for most of my life; it started with an on-the-job accident which herniated a disc, after trying traction for about 2 weeks I finally had surgery 30+ years ago which corrected the problem for quite some time, I'm 75 years old and have developed arthritis in my spine which gave me a lot of pain again. My family doctor took xrays which showed the arthritis and prescribed Tylenol Arthritis 650mg 2 pills three times a day which is under the limit of 4000mgs. There was some relief but not enough to stop the pain. I was then sent to an Orthopedic Surgeon who ordered an MRI which showed a compressed disc which was pinching the nerve going down my left leg, he told me to take Aleve along with the Tylenol but my blood pressure rose quite a bit so I stopped the Aleve and have now had 2 sessions of PT. There was still a lot of pain, so this morning I had a cortosone shot, will see what results I will have in a day or two. The Orthopedic Surgeon said we may try on more, if no relief my next stop will be with a Spinal Specialist. I'm still taking the Tylenol to get rid of some of pain so I am getting a fairly good night's sleep. I don't think you have to be concerned about becomimg addicted. Good Luck to you!!!