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I agree with moonlight about the chiro thing. DO's are much more experience in this field since they study bones. They also use slight movements for manipulation and not poping of the joints. I used to see a DO for my back as well as my SI dysfunction and Sacroilitis. I was getting floroscopes into my SI's at the Pain clinic which are no fun. I've had pain in them since 96. My relief from the Floroscope injections lasted maybe 2 days at the most. It's different for everyone. I also had an ESI with bilateral SI injections which did not help. It made my hips worse. I then had Medial Branch Blocks done bilaterally. That hurt like H***!!
It worked for almost a week. Since that seemed to work my Pain Clinic doc is scheduling me for Radio Frequency Abligation.
Again I totally agree with moonlight. I actually take Tylenol Arthritis pain relief....as narcs DO NOT help at all. Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon.