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Thank you so much for your helpful replies! I do want to see another Doctor, one that specialitis in this type of problem. I am 45 and most days I feel like I am 80 the way my back hurts and limits me from doing things. I grunt and groan all the time!

QUESTION: I was curious if my diag (according to my diag from the xray and mri - posted on my 1st post) could cause this much pain???? Is that normal?

--also, I agree about the "pain below the knee to the foot" could be something else going on. Mine, ususally is my lower righ back, down my buttock / hip area and down my leg but the pain isnt below the knee, however!!! sometimes during a bad day, with pain, my calf will swell.

It's hard for me to grasp that I will have to live with this pain everyday of my life, some good days, most bad. Looks like there would be something other than PT, drop a few pounds and take Tylenol ---as instructed by my family doc.

I guess the next step is to see a spine specialist..Ortho or Neuro. and see what they say.

QUESTION: I've read that some folks are in pain 24/7 and 100% of the time. I feel for them. My pain is mild when I sit comfortable and lay in bed....It's worse when I stand for a long time, like in a long line at the store or work around the house/yard, walking, lifting, bending....The pain becomes unbearable. ANYONE ELSE have the pain eases up when they are OFF their feet and sitting or in bed????

Thanks again so much for your wonderful words of understanding and help.