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Glad you got my note so quickly!

Whatever you do, don't let your doc send you to a chiro w/o doing an MRI 1st...& I wouldn't go to one at all unless x-rays & MRI are negative. They're fine if you don't have any serious spinal problems, but if you do...steer clear! :nono:

BTW, my Mom has this same problem. The 1st time it flared up, she bent over & took a VERY light tray off the lower shelf of a cupboard...she couldn't stand back up again! You don't have to DO anything to start the whole pain process. I sat in the wrong kind of chair for an evening at a friend's house & then drove home the next day (about a 5 hour drive). I had to call my doc from the road, I was in such agony. He told me to meet him in his office when I got into town. Fortunately, he was a rare bird in the medical profession...he'd come back into the office after hours to meet a patient who needed him.

As for pain meds, I'd highly recommend Aleve (a generic form...naprosyn or naproxyn or naproxyn sodium is fine, don't spend the extra $$$ for the name brand). It's one of the most effective anti-inflammatories w/ the lowest incidence of gastric (stomach) distress. Tylenol is a very poor anti-inflammatory and is extremely hard on the liver. Most people find Tylenol does very little for them. Ibuprofin is extremely hard on the stomach. I don't remember if Advil is acetominophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofin since I don't use brand names, but I don't recommend it.

Please let us know what your doc has to say tomorrow.

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Will keep you in my prayers!

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So when to the clinic today and they dr perscribed me neproxin, tylenol 3 and flexirol. they seemed to be helping a bit when taken together. i still have some pain but it is taking the edge off. i was thinking about making an appointment with a chiropractor. or a physiotherapist.. i'll give it another day or two with these meds, hopefully it will heal on its own. the clinic doctor say I may have pulled legiments, and that my back felt like there was muscle spasm in the painful region.
rlsmas, hi again. i wanted to come back and tell you that my back problmes were due to muscle spasms and inflamation. the doc gave me anti-anflamatories, muscle relaxants and tylenol and after a few days it went away. i have been taking it easy on the back since then. but hope you are taking care.