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Hey 360 ~ :wave:

When Ambien began to be less effective for me, my doc recommended a combo of 2 things. 1) SleepyTime Tea by Celestial Seasonings...found in most groceries/Wal-Marts. 2) Kava-Kava which you may have to look for online. The FDA in all its infinite wisdom is thinking about banning it. :confused: It supposedly can cause liver damage, but then so can Tylenol & that is used in much larger quantities than Kava-Kava ever would be. If you don't have an opposite reaction (like I do) to benadryl (diphenhydramine), that's the primary ingredient in most OTC sleepers (like Tylenol PM). It wires me, but it puts most people to sleep. Another couple of Health Food Store possibilities are Chamomile (Tea, tabs or drops) or Melatonin.

Just some possibilities. Hope you find something that works for you! :rolleyes:

Hugs & prayers ~

Midge :angel: