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Thanks for your reply Moonlight. When I fell, I went down forward, but twisted in the body. I had a far lateral herniation at C 5/6 in my cervcal spine, which was fused 1/04. That area is pretty good now, but have been experiencing some pain in neck and shoulder for the last 4 or 5 months, but it is nothing compared to the original pain. I also have a bulge at C4-5. Neuro. didn't make too much of that when I saw him, he said I had fused well. The lower back was not addressed at the time of my treatment for my neck, so I am trying to do that now. I have had several epidurals, (can't have anymore because I am now suffering from adrenal insuffiency, and take cortef every day....) I have tried to do with out meds, but that is impossible...I would be in a bed or chair, I have tried the heat pads, and they do help, but I can't use them every day, allergic to adhesives. As far as a pain diary, I did that for several months, but Drs. don't seem interested. Have had EMG/NV conduction tests, 2, in the last 1 1.2 years. One said radicular or mylopathic pain..but they weren't sure...the second one was vague results. I had those tests for my neck also, before my surgery, and they said everything was fine....geez....but at surgery they found the lateral herniation....so I have little faith in some tests. I tried tylenol alone as medication....doesn't work, was crying in Dr's office after 3 weeks....can't take asprin etc. cause my stomach doesn't like them...very irritable. I have a very good Pain Mgmt. Dr. who is trying to help me....had suggested pain pump, but I don't want to do that, I want to fix my problem, not mask it. Now he thinks I should go to Mayo Clinic, which I just found out I can do, as my Ins. has changed, and will allow me to go there with a referral!! But I am still so frusterated, I seem to be running in place...want diagnosis...and see if we can fix, I don't like medications, but have to take them....I have a positive outlook, neck was fixed, and it's not doing too bad, can take some pain, would like to try to fix lower back...get off meds, and move on....am I having unreasonable expectations?
I thank you Moonlight for your reply, wish you a pain free day...and hope all others are doing well today.