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the scolosis affects my whole spine, he said it does not need to be addressed at this time because I have no pain from that, my pain is from the spondy. I have upper back pain but that's from poor posture, and just stress. a good massage and I'm feeling great.
yes I'm in pain, not nearly as much as before surgery, and I thought I would be out of pain by now. my mom and sister both had fusions and they were showing great signs of fusing at 6 months, my mom wonders if I'm rejecting the donor bone?
I did fall down a couple stairs right before x-mas, (stupid cat on the stairs!) and I went to the ER, and they said everything looked good, but I irritated the muscles and nerves. for about 3 weeks I was having spasms, and my foot was going numb a lot. when I laid down in bed my whole left leg was numb. my dr said I could be having some residual pain from the fall. the pain I have is tolerable with some tylenol.
I'm not sure why he wants me to go to PT, or what I'll be doing there, to strengthen or stretch? my next appointment is not until July, so hopefully I improve some more! I'm hoping I'm just slow healer, and its this cold buffalo weather!!
cas- that's great your daughter is not in any pain-please let me know what her dr says. how's your wrist doing? how are your students this year? keep me posted.