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Hi all,
I had a discogram at Pennsylvania Hospital with Dr. Maurer on Jan 13. I know that the pain that they induce usuallly lasts about a week, but I have been in excruciating pain every since, going into my third week now. The Dr's office keeps saying everyone is different, but I am wondering if any one knows when the line is crossed, as in "this is no longer normal recovery from the test, something is wrong." I did also have a low grade fever the first week after the test, but there is no infection. I would love to hear everyone else's experiences post discogram and how long their pain lasted. I can't even turn over in bed or go to the bathroom by myself! This is much much worse than my regular base-line pain.
The disco showed that I have FOUR abnormal discs in my lumbar region, one of which is herniated. All this (DDD) is a result of spinal fusion that I had for scoliosis 18 years ago.
Also, I am opiate-intolerant, so am stuck taking Tylenol and muscle relaxers and have some Lidocaine patches. Help!
Looking forward to hearing what others have experienced.