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:) It has been a while since I have been on but things are going a little better now so I figured I would update those who I have been chatting with. I had been having a battle trying to get my son in to get his teeth fixed. They were really badly decayed and damaged especially for a boy who is only 2 years old. There were numerous cavities that could be seen by the naked eye as well as lots of chipped teeth. The reason for that is the enamal on his teeth never fully formed and with acid reflux (spit ups) and constant tooth grinding throughout the night,it all added up very quickly to a lot of pain and discomfort for my boy. Because of my son's conditions and difficulties (spastic quad CP, Cortical visual imparment, seizured etc.) he had to be put under general anesthetic just for x-rays so it was agreed that the x-rays would be done and the work would immediately follow. They wanted him to wait a little over a year at first and I was told to just drug him for pain with tylenol and motrin. if the pain was too unbearable then they might bump him up a couple of months, and they would only do emergency work if his teeth and gums became infected.

Naturally I was furious :blob_fire . I complained to one of the heads of dentistry in that hospital and told him that I felt this was child abuse to make a kid wait that long in pain for necessary work and to just "drug" him. After making the complaint the appointment was bumped up 6 months. I was still not very impressed. Because I had to watch out for infection I ended up spending Christmas day in the emergency department with my son becasue of a fever and he wasn't able to keep anything down. I talked to my paediatrician and told her that this was unacceptable there was no way he would ever make it to June which was 6 months away. She made some calls on my behalf and was only able to leave messages. It worked, even though she was not able to talk to anyone they got the message and we were bump right up to February 21. The work was done and we were informed that my poor boy would have been in such pain that it would have hurt greatly just to breath cool fresh air or just breath even because of the exposed roots on the baby teeth. I was pleased to hear that he would have no more pain as far as his teeth were concerned but angry :mad: that without my complaining they would have made him wait so long before doing anything.

Now he has no front teeth, his eye teeth are there they were saved and he has stainless steel caps on his molars. The most wonderful part is now he is actually sleeping much better than before I only get up once in the middle of the night now instead of 5 - 6 times. He eats and drinks so comfortably that you can't fill that hollow leg of his. He is gaining so much weight that I am starting to very quickly discover all of his clothes don't fit anymore and have to get new ones. It is soooo great :) I am hoping that once he gets over this stuffy nose that he may even start sleeping through the night, something that was such a rare occurance in the past. He has already done it once since the surgery. YEAH